5 Ways to Display Succulents at Your Wedding ...


5 Ways to Display Succulents at Your Wedding ...
5 Ways to Display Succulents at Your Wedding ...

Succulents have become very popular for every type of wedding, there are no rules when it comes to displaying these beautiful plants. Let your imagination get creative with these eye catching wonders. Here are 5 ways you can display succulents at your wedding...

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A Breathtaking Bouquet...

A Breathtaking Bouquet... Photo: StephanieWilliamsPhotography

Succulents can complement your wedding decor in many ways, whether it's rustic, country, classic, vintage, romantic, etc. No matter your theme, a succulent bouquet like this one just takes my breath away. I love how the twine completes the look. They are beautiful on their own or with a few flowers mixed in. How will your succulent plants be displayed?


Beachy Keen...


Photo: Ruffledblog

Would you have thought to display succulents with your** beach wedding decor**? Me either! I love how the** soft green** color blends with the orange and whites of the groom's gorgeous beach boutonniere. The contrasting colors catch your eye so you see everything in the boutonniere and not just one piece of it. I bet you are now thinking of adding these pretty plants into your seaside wedding details!


Share Your Succulents...

Share Your Succulents... Photo:OCEventStudio

If you love succulents andgrow them in your garden, why not share that love with your guests. It's asimple favorwith a thoughtful idea behind it. Not to mention they make for a beautiful place setting. I love the** rich colors** of the orange fabric against the** green plant**. Are you growing succulents for your wedding?


Have Your Cake & Eat It Too...

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too... Photo: PrettyChicky

Another wonderful idea for displaying your lovely plants and something that I haven't seen before. Include your wedding cake among therustic decor detailsthat you have planned and you will have a complete look for your succulent wedding! I love how they are displayed on the **entire cake and not just as a cake topper. What does your rustic wedding cake** look like?


Succulent Love...

Succulent Love... Photo: OCEventStudio

When I saw this stunning bride I was just amazed at such a unique idea for displaying succulents. She loves them so much that she wanted them every where on her wedding day, even in her hair! She is radiant and her green hairpiece is glowing against her beautiful brown hair. Would you wear succulents in your hair?

**Have you found a favorite way to display succulents at your wedding? **

Top Photo: StephanieWilliamsPhotography

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Nice one. I particularly love this cute green one.

Hey Shakti! Thank you for checking out our wedding posts! I love how unique it is!

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