4 Ways to Spread the Love on Your Wedding Day ...


4 Ways to Spread the Love on Your Wedding Day ...
4 Ways to Spread the Love on Your Wedding Day ...

I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day weekend. I came home to a lovely surprise of strawberry shortcake and beautiful cards from my husband and stepdaughters! Yesterday I stumbled upon this adorable love favor bag and thought what a great theme that would be.** Weddings **are all about **love **so why not spread it around with your decor...

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Filled with Love...

Filled with Love... Photo: TheFavourShoppe.WeddingStar.com

This is where my inspiration came from for this **love theme **post and now you see why! These love bags are just the sweetest little favor bags for your guests, plus it's something they could reuse. The ribbon and tag are sold separately.


I Heart Bunting...

I Heart Bunting... Photo:Etsy.com/shop/Victorianstation

Bunting has become such a popular trend for weddings; on cake toppers, at candy buffets, and hanging over your tables for added decor. This adorable banner is great for your love of **bunting **as well as your **burlap **obsession. Spread the love as you each hold an end and share a newlywed kiss for a thank you card photo! Where would you hang this love banner?


Love Cake Topper...

Love Cake Topper... Photo: Etsy.com/shop/BlueButterflyDesign

Being from **Philadelphia **I have a special place in my heart for this **love cake topper. **Have you seen the beautiful **LOVE statue **in LOVE Park in downtown Philly? This would be perfect for a Center City wedding; you could hold your cake topper while taking photos in front of the statue!


Love Dishes...

Love Dishes... Photo: TheFavourShoppe.Weddingstar.com

I really wanted these love dishes **for our wedding, but I never got around to buying them. If you're setting up a **candy buffet, a dessert table, or even a small backyard wedding, these love dishes could add a little whimsical touch to your food decor. I could see putting strawberries in one and melted chocolate in another, or even nachos and guacamole for a Mexican theme!

What are your ideas for a love theme wedding day?

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Happy Tuesday! So glad you had a Love-ly (lol) Mother's Day!!! That bunting and the love dishes are PRECIOUS! OMG Diana... one month 'til I'm married!!!

Ohh, love the little sweet favor bags, those are darling! And, the LOVE cake topper, such a cute idea! Also, if a couple wants to have their eshoot infront of the real life statue, that would be cute to incorporate at the wedding with the photos on the cake table, for example! We have a replica of that statue here in AZ too, it is so popular for engagements.

Really cute, I never tire of letters, there is something just so perfect about them. Happy Mothers Day to you, sounds like you had a wonderful day - and you deserve it!

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