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8 Advantages of a Guest-Free Wedding ...

By Alison

Many many years ago, my parents were walking through town when a couple stopped them and asked them to be witnesses at their wedding. I’ve always thought that I’d love to be asked to do this. Of course, we don’t know why they were having a quiet wedding – maybe people disapproved – but I think there are many advantages to having a wedding without any guests …

1 No Drama

Anyone who has ever planned a wedding will doubtless agree with this one. Weddings do seem to bring out all the family dramas and feuds. So much can potentially cause offence or disagreement – who you do or don’t invite, number of bridesmaids, venue, menu – that the idea of running off and inviting nobody becomes, well, inviting!

2 Moneysaving

Weddings have become so horrendously expensive these days, and although it’s nice to see family I find it hard to understand why so much is spent on one single day. So cutting down the guest list to zero means that you don’t have to spend a small fortune on venue and catering.


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3 Back to Basics

What is a wedding really about? To me, it’s not about the social occasion, but rather making the commitment to the person you love and want to be with. So, like the couple whose marriage my parents witnessed, I like the idea of cutting it down to the important people – the bride and groom.

4 Cheaper for Guests

Weddings aren’t just expensive for the couple (or their parents), but for the guests. By the time you’ve paid for an outfit, travel, accommodation and gift, you can end up spending the cost of a vacation. So not inviting guests will save them a lot of money!

5 Romantic

There’s something quite romantic about the idea of not telling anyone you’re getting married until after the deed is done. Just you and your loved one … To me, that’s more romantic than having a big fussy wedding with lots of guests.

6 Fuss Free

Do you hate having your photo taken, and loathe the idea of being on display in front of hundreds of people? Then a wedding with minimal guests (i.e none) might suit you. You, him, the registrar, sign your name, no fuss. It also might be appropriate if it’s a second wedding for one of you, and you don’t want a big ‘do’ again.

7 Appropriate

What if you’re getting married for more prosaic reasons? Sometimes people are happy as they are, but want to formalise their relationship for legal reasons. In that case, a big wedding would seem pointless, so nipping off to the registry office is really all you need to do.

8 Destination

It’s increasingly common for couples to choose an exotic overseas destination these days, but this can make it difficult for guests, as they will be spending even more money than if the wedding were at home. So if you don’t invite anyone, you can get married where you want without worrying how much it will cost people to attend.

Whether you’re married or not, do you like the idea of a very quiet wedding like this, or would you want everyone there to share your day?

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