7 Fantastic Winter Wedding Ideas ...


7 Fantastic Winter Wedding Ideas ...
7 Fantastic Winter Wedding Ideas ...

Have I been neglecting Winter Wedding Ideas and winter weddings a little bit? Well, it’s time to finally change that and, hopefully, give you a few winter wedding ideas you might need! This magical time of the year is absolutely perfect for a wedding and it will give you a chance to introduce a few typically winterish things into the standard wedding traditions or change the rules completely and do it the other way around! So, for all of you planning a memorable winter wedding, here are some cool winter wedding ideas to think about:

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Trash Your Dress Ice-Queen Style

If you chose to get married during the snowy season you should definitely add a cool trash-the-dress photo shoot to your list of cool winter wedding ideas! Furry accessories, sparkly CZ jewelry and stage makeup will definitely help you feel like a model and all that posing and rolling in the clean crisp snow certainly won’t ruin your dress. Yup, you can trash your dress without really trashing it! How cool is that!


Organize a Christmas-like Wedding

A true Christmas fan may decide to turn a wedding into one big, Christmas-y celebration thus combining his most important day and most loved holiday! This is one of those doable, always nice winter wedding ideas I’ll always love and suggest although I must warn you that a wedding is a wedding! Sure, feel free to a bit of a Christmas spirit to your wedding but don’t overdo it – it’s your day, after all!


Have Fun Choosing Winter-Theme Wedding Decorations

Woodsy accents, pinecones, shades or red, green and gold, pine twigs, mistletoe, little snowmen – you get the idea! There are so many wonderful decorations to choose from each season but winter is kind of special because the decorations you choose to use won’t only


Serve Warm Drinks Everyone Loves

Hot chocolate, spicy warm wine, eggnog, punch – the options are endless and I bet your guest would love them! I think this is a great idea and I bet your friends and family will talk about it for years – I know I would! And the best thing is that you don’t even have to have a Christmas-like wedding to be able to have these drinks - everyone appreciates a warm drink in winter!


Be Different

Pair your wedding dress with sparkly snow boots or bridal UGGs, cut a winter-theme wedding cake, carry a wedding bouquet made out of mistletoe and berries or simply ditch a traditional white gown and replace it with a red or furry one! There are so many different, creative winter wedding ideas and looks you can go for so don’t be afraid to glitz up this magical time of the year and a magical event such as your wedding day with just a little bit (or a lot) of your own pixie dust.


Have a Small Mountain Lodge Celebration

If I were the one to have a winter wedding, I’d definitely want to celebrate it with only my closest friends and family in a beautiful mountain lodge. Sparkly snow and cold outside, a lot of laughter inside! Oh…and a fireplace! A big fireplace! Oh…just think about it… wouldn’t that be absolutely perfect?


Surprise Your Guests with Unique Gifts

I doubt you’ll have a lot of time for knitting but you can definitely buy colorful mittens, scarves and sweaters to surprise your guest with! If your time and budget allow it, definitely consider adding personalized patches with your names and the date of your wedding. And oh, let’s not forget the famous Christmas theme either! Now, if you choose to use it for your wedding, I’d suggest packing the gifts as Christmas presents and placing them under a tree!

Aren’t these winter wedding ideas just great? Oh, I wish I could get married every season! LOL! Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change the groom or my guests, just wedding themes and wedding dresses. Do you have any sweet winter wedding ideas for all lucky brides that are about to tie a knot in the next few months?

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Great ideas! Love the first one about the trash the dress session!

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