5 Late Night Wedding Reception Snacks ...


5 Late Night Wedding Reception Snacks ...
5 Late Night Wedding Reception Snacks ...

Would you believe that this **Late Night Wedding Snack **post was inspired by a plate of donuts! I've seen some real weddings on blogs that have featured this idea and thought how cool this would have been for our guests if we had a night time wedding. I think our **late night snack **would have been ice cream...something everyone loves! Are any of these 5 late night snacks on the list for your wedding reception...

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Mini Burgers...

Mini Burgers... Photo: MarthaStewartWeddings

After all the dancing, cake cutting, and bouquet throwing is done its finally time to relax and chat with your guests into the** late night hours of your wedding day. What better way to thank your guests for staying and partying then sharing a late night mini burger **with them. Sometimes in the middle of the night, after a long day, we crave another bite of something and this tasty looking burger is just the perfect little bite to the end of your amazing night!


Cotton Candy & Popcorn...

Cotton Candy & Popcorn... Photo: 100percentCottam via HayleyAndersonPhotography

For a fun filled night inspired by the carnival **give your guests a theme they will never forget with **popcorn, cotton candy, lollipops, and funnel cake. With clowns, games, and prizes your friends and family members will really need a **late night snack **because they'll never want to leave!


Food Truck...

Food Truck... Photo: WeddingChicks

Let your** late night snack **be worry free when the food comes to you in a **food truck **of your favorite kind. Whether it be burgers and fries fromIn-N-Out Burger, cupcakes from Clarabelle's Cupcakes, or tacos from Kogi, celebrate and cater your late night wedding


We All Scream for Ice Cream...

We All Scream for Ice Cream... Photo: MarthaStewart

Summer is just about here and when we think of those hot days in the sun all we really want to do is cool off. So after a long summer wedding day cool your guests off with an adorable late night **heart ice cream sandwich **with strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate ice cream. This is a treat everyone will love, especially the kids!


Coffee & Donuts...

Coffee & Donuts... Photo: MarthaStewartWeddings

Now that you've seen this tasty photo are you craving a donut like I am, or maybe it was the mini burger at the top of the post! As these late night snacks **are making you hungry, you can now see how awesome they would be at your reception. I love the idea of putting the little **donut **on the end of the spoon for the **coffee!

What ideas do you have for late night wedding snacks?

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Such fun ideas! Now I am hungry ;) I wouldn't have thought of late night reception ideas, but that is fabulous. I have been to some that go late, and they didn't have fun snacks like these!

We were just talking about having sliders as a late night snack at our wedding. After all the drinking and dancing that will be happening, they will be MUCH needed!!! Love your blog!

Ohmigosh the cotton candy and popcorn is adorable. I LOVE these ideas! :)

all such cute ideas! I wish I did something like this at my wedding. I would have done ice cream :) I worked a wedding on Saturday and they had little sliders from a fast food place here. I thought it was such an adorable idea!

All of those are such a brilliant ideas and the mini-burgers are too fun! Kisses, darling. happy Friday

Brilliant ideas! Everything looks yummy! I'm liking the delicious mini-burgers and coffee & donuts. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

I love the food truck idea very much! Love the mini doughnuts too, whom can't resist them, especially when they are mini! Have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!! xox

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