7 Wedding Tips That Could save You Tons of Money ...


7 Wedding Tips That Could save You Tons of Money ...
7 Wedding Tips That Could save You Tons of Money ...

On Budget Wedding Ideas are not as hard to find or as hard to turn into a reality and, once you’re done reading this post, you will definitely feel the same way, too! The situation is pretty bad these days but you know what they say – when life gives you a lemon, have some lemonade! Now, our limited budgets might be a lemon but these limited budget wedding ideas will certainly be one lemonade you won’t be able to resist! So? Are you ready to make sure you’ll get your money’s worth? Well, here are some great, motivating on budget wedding ideas to consider:

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Wedding Brunch Vs. Full Wedding

Day weddings are less formal and, of course, less pricy so, if you are a laid-back kind of gal and prefer smaller, more intimate celebrations, you should definitely think outside the box! Don’t let anybody talk you into having your wedding at dusk just because all couples do so! In fact, if you organize your wedding during the day, you’ll definitely avoid a lot of stress, save a lot of money and solve the common problem known as “drunken guests” or “guests that don’t want to leave”. Cocktail hour (or two) or an afternoon brunch can be as posh and elegant as the traditional all night long celebration. In fact, if you organize your wedding this way you can definitely count on everybody to behave nicely! Parents who can’t afford a baby sitter would be able to leave their kids in daycare (because it’s daaaay, yaaay!), the kids that do show up won’t be sleepy or cranky and I guess no self-respecting grown up would dare to get wasted around lunch time! You’re saving – they’re behaving!


Don’t Splurge on Centerpieces

If you want to stay on the budget wedding ideas you choose to accept must be really, really, reaaaally great! And once you start calling one florist after another and finally realize the freaking flowers are going to cost more than your wedding dress, you will start to feel different about all those small things you can do yourself! Consider your options before you decide to go with the most expensive floral package! Sure, roses are great and orchids are indeed extraordinary but let’s face it, sister, the best flowers are the ones that fit your wedding theme/color scheme perfectly which means you can opt for seasonal flowers rather than exotic ones too. But wait, who said anything about flowers being a must? I bet an artsy person could easily make amazing centerpieces from scratch!


Using simple yet stylish alternatives can slash that centerpiece budget dramatically. DIY is your creative best friend here, honey! Imagine charming jars filled with floating candles or twinkle lights wrapped around minimalist branches. Books, vintage vases, or even fruit can add that pop of color and texture that gets your guests talking. The key is to make it personal and uniquely you. Bonus tip: Hit up local markets or thrift stores for one-of-a-kind finds that will make your tables stand out without breaking the bank. Remember, darling, it’s not about the price tag; it’s about the love and personality you pour in.


Offer Wines, Beers and Cocktails

I’ve personally never seen a “cash bar” or had to pay for my own drink at a wedding – things like these are just not viewed as “acceptable” in my tiny corner of the globe. Expecting to have a fully stocked bar at your disposal also falls under the category of things that aren’t “acceptable” which means that you’ll have a decent selection of drinks and not a drink more or less. So, if you want to save and limit the amount of hard liquor without making it obvious, try to offer a variety of other, cheaper drinks such as various wines, beers and sodas. Pick a stronger, manly cocktail and ask if they can re-name it into “groom’s special” for the day and do the same for the girly drink of the day. Cocktails are actually a very nice alternative because the amount of hard liquor is minimal, all of your guests who, for some reason, hate beers and wines, should feel really special and, let’s face it – having a “bride’s special” and “groom’s special” is actually a very nice touch.


Ditch a Full Time Wedding Planner

Having a full time wedding planner is quite pricy, plus, I wouldn’t feel good knowing there is somebody besides me and my fiancé whose opinion counts (maybe even the most). Even if that somebody is a paid professional hired to be “at my service” at all times. The only thing that could make me consider this type of help is the wedding itself and the fact that I really want to enjoy that day without having to deal with the organizational problems. But there are ways around this! You can be the one in charge of everything and still get to be the star of your wedding and all that by simply hiring a part-time wedding planner. This person won’t be at your side at all times, you won’t have to put a big part of your monthly salary aside just to pay for his/her services but, once it’s time for you to stop being the super-woman and focus on being a beautiful, happy bride, you can count on your back-up to make sure that everything you’vespent months planning runs as smoothly as you’ve imagined it. Now, all you have to do is figure out what to with the extra cash! Awesome, isn’t it? I must admit this is one of the on budget wedding ideas I have been looking forward to sharing with you the most!


Choose Your Venue Wisely

Some say the ideal way to save is to book a cheaper venue, you’ll later doll-up. I’ll advise you to do the opposite – don’t avoid fancy places just because they look expensive! Check them out as well, get the quotes and then do the math. A classy venue won’t need a lot of flowers, tulle or satin to look fabulous which means that something that may look like splurging to others may actually mean saving or staying within the budget for you! This is one of the limited budget wedding ideas I really want you to think about because I’m in the exact same position and, believe me, I know what I’m talking about! Check gardens and museums as well because these places often need very little decorations to be wedding-ready, plus there’s always the chance of finding a gorgeous venue for an unbelievably low price.


Choose Your Decorations Wisely

From uberexpensive to cheap, tacky ones – wedding decorations alone are enough to drive any bride crazy! Now, I don’t say you should focus on DIY project completely and forget all about the flowers but just try to accept the possibility of adapting your plans in order to save some cash. Browse our dear World Wide Web for limited budget wedding ideas, find cute flower arrangements, cute centerpieces that can be made with dry flowers and candles and just see where that takes you! You might actually fall in love with something that’s extremely easy to make, not to mention almost dirt cheap. Small candles, some tulle, glitter, food paint and regular glass vases you can find in any dollar store could prove to be everything you’ll need to put together awesome, eye-catching decorations!


Free Stuff

Many useful wedding things could be completely free and the only thing you need know is how to either negotiate to get them or put the ones that are already offered into a good use. Your bridesmaids, cousins, mom and mother-in-law could help you turn ideas into reality. In fact, the more hands there are willing to help you, the more you can save by making your own wedding favors, centerpieces, thank you notes... Negotiate with your suppliers as well, especially when you know that you’re the one holding a “full house”. The crisis is knocking on everyone’s door, vendors know that now is not the time to lose customers and they’ll gladly throw in a free thing or two just to make sure they’ll be the one to pocket your money once the whole thing is over. Don’t be afraid to ask if this or that is included in the price or even ask for it because, hey – a penny saved is a penny earned!

You see – no need to stress! Not with these interesting good for your budget wedding ideas! Do you have any cool stuff to share? Some on budget wedding ideas that have helped you have a wonderful wedding and save cash for an even better honeymoon, perhaps? Come on, ladies, we brides-to-be have to stick together!

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