5 Classy Boudoir Photos to Surprise Your Groom with ...

Are you looking for a gift that your groom will never forget; something more than just a watch or cufflinks? In these 5 hot boudoir photos you will feel sexy yet comfortable as you knock the socks off your soon to be husband...give him the surprise of a lifetime!

5. Naughty or Nice...

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Photo: PinupGirlPics.com

Here comes Santa's little helper! Boudoir photos don't have to be all about showing off your skin and exposing yourself, though there is nothing wrong if that's what you do want. However, if you'd like to have fun, feel sexy, and comfortable wear a cute one-piece outfit like this adorable Santa lingerieyour fiance will love! **Ho, Ho, Ho...will you dress up for his Christmas gift? **

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