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Would you like to know some ways to connect with your groom on your wedding day? Of course you will have lots of moments for that once your wedding begins but if you want some ideas to connect before the ceremony, this article can help you. These are some ideas for ways to connect with your groom on your wedding day. I hope that one or more of them will give you some inspiration to do just that.

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Open a Letter from Each Other

This is a unique idea. One of the ways to connect with your groom on your wedding day can be to exchange handwritten letters to open the morning of your wedding. While all forms to communicating are good, there is something very special about handwritten letters. They take time and therefore are something people usually pour their true heart into. This is a letter you can cherish forever.


Go for This Pose

There is a beautiful pose for wedding pictures that shows the bride and groom on opposite sides of a door with their backs to each other. They cannot see each other but they can reach out and hold hands. It is a precious moment to capture in a photo but also a very sweet way to connect. You can talk for a moment, share a prayer for your coming marriage or just enjoy that time.


Text or Talk

Thanks to technology, there are many ways to stay in touch. You can call one another or send a text. You will probably be very busy getting ready for your wedding but it is nice to have a phone call to say good morning. You can send a text that tells your groom how excited you are for the day ahead. These little ways of connecting are important.


Hide Some Surprises

This is a fun way to connect. Hide some surprises for your groom to find the morning of your wedding day. Maybe you can tuck a new bottle of cologne where he will find it. You might hide a favorite candy for him to find. The possibilities are endless.


Write a Note Here

This is something I saw on Pinterest and I thought it was a wonderful idea. The bride and groom wrote a short but sweet note on the bottom of each other’s wedding shoes. It is a special way to feel connected on your wedding day. It’s a wonderful way to tell each other you look forward to walking through life together. Your note can reflect your creativity.


Send a Gift

Of course there is always the option of having something delivered to one another before the ceremony. While you can have flowers delivered to your groom, there are other options he may like better. You could go for a gift basket of his favorite goodies. Why not have tickets to his favorite sporting event delivered, with plans to attend together?



You really don’t need anything else besides daydreaming of each other when you have your whole beautiful wedding ahead of you. You will feel very connected just because of the day you are sharing. Use this time to reflect on your love. Think ahead to your wonderful future. Soon enough it will be time to meet him at the altar.

These are 7 ways to feel connected to your groom on your wedding day. Do you have any unique ideas for this? Please share them here!

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