7 Things to do when Your Wedding Dress Doesn't Fit Suddenly ...

By Alicia

7 Things to do when Your Wedding Dress Doesn't Fit Suddenly ...

The temptation to panic when your wedding dress doesn’t fit can be strong. You desperately need your wedding dress to fit. These are some things you can do when it doesn’t fit. Sometimes these little hints can help you avoid losing it when your wedding dress doesn’t fit.

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1 Check the Sizing

The very first thing you need to do when your wedding dress doesn’t fit is check the sizing. Is it really your dress? Could you have picked someone else’s up by mistake? If so, while annoying, this is an easy fix. Before you go into full panic mode, make sure you have the right dress.

2 Analyze the Situation

If you know it is truly your wedding dress and it is too tight, you need to analyze the situation. Calculate how much time you have until your wedding day. Observe how tight your wedding dress is to help you decide what your options are. If you only have a few days, your options are more limited than if your wedding date is further in the future. This helps you to know which options will and won’t work for you.

3 Give up Salt

If your wedding dress is only slightly tight and you have several days or weeks until your wedding, this option can help. Sodium makes you retain fluids. This means you may have what is referred to as water weight. Water weight is not true weight gained by excess calories but instead is your body holding onto fluids. Cutting your salt intake will help that water weight to come off.

4 Switch to Water

You may be taking in a lot of calories through your beverages and not even realize it. Sodas, juices, coffee drinks and alcoholic drinks can all be loaded with calories. Many people make the switch to water only and have lost twenty to thirty pounds with that change alone. Consider giving up the beverages you drink that are loaded with calories if you need to lose weight to allow your wedding dress to fit again. Weight may very well begin to just fall off.

5 Stand up Straight

This sounds like a silly tip but it really might help you get your wedding dress zipped. Standing up straight always helps you to look slimmer, too. Your weight has a greater area to distribute when you stand up straight. This is not a good solution unless your wedding dress is only mildly snug. If it is anything more than mildly snug you will want to choose other options, of course.

6 Hold It in

Holding your breath in can help you to get your dress zipped. However, like standing up straight, this option is only a good solution if your dress is mildly snug. You do not want to take a chance on being uncomfortable on your wedding day or on your zipper giving out on you. If you can almost get it zipped but not quite, this may be helpful. Otherwise, you need a more drastic solution.

7 Have It Altered

Sometimes you have no option but to have your dress altered. If you have gained weight from the time you purchased it or it was altered the first time, you may have to do this. If you have a long time until your wedding, you may be able to lose the weight. Only you can decide if that is a possibility. If you don’t have much time until your wedding day, this is probably the option you need to go with.

What do you think? How can you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? My advice would be to try the dress on periodically to make sure it is still fitting you perfectly!

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Spanx is a good temporary solution.. Not glamourous but good if the dress is only a bit tight and it's only a few days to your wedding and you don't have time to lose the weight needed to make your dress fit

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