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When the wedding bells are getting ready to ring, it may be hard to imagine you'd have time for wedding DIY projects, but you can make the time! Making your own parts of the day will help do just that: make it your own. So read on for 7 great wedding DIY projects - that you won't want to pass up!

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Day Agenda

The agenda is a nice touch to the day, and it's a super easy one among the wedding diy projects! If you're not too design-program savvy, try a great app like Canva or grab a creative pal for some help. You can even whip these up in a typical word processing program; just adjust your margins and fonts accordingly! Print and re-scan in if you want to add some personal illustrations or handwriting, and then just find a great printer with appropriate papers. (Or look up prices online!) You'll be on your way to super cute, unique agendas with your own designs, graphics and handwriting. What could be more timely?



If you plan on having signs to mark different locations of the wedding, drink specialties, an Instagram hashtag or even a "Please don't snap during the ceremony" one, you can make these, too! Grab some cardboard, cover with papier mâché

or chalk paint. Use wood pallets, chalkboard frames, canvases and paint, or again, print design work. One of my favorite ideas is purchasing little ground stake signs and placing in potted plants with baby's breath or across the ground as a pathway. It's your style, your message.


Will You Be My Bridesmaid Cards

It's sweet to ask your bridesmaids with a formal card. If your'e crafty, make a hand-created invitation. If you're more computer savvy, work again with a printer. You can embellish with stickers with "faux" pearls, feathers or glitter. A girly surprise in the mail is just the thing to get them excited!



You can totally purchase flowers wholesale and grab a group of friends and family to help with the special flower arrangements. Ask the vendor how to best store the flowers after they're made, or if they're best picked up on the day. Your bridesmaids will love their handmade bouquets, and it's a great pre-day surprise. If they need to be picked up on the wedding day, just draw or design your bouquets prior for your coordinator or bridesmaids to set up. (Just make sure you've done a trial run!)


Paper Flowers

Another popular flower project is paper flower garlands to hang vertically, across a stair banister, or through trees. Paper flowers can be fun to make, and you have a lot of creative freedom to adjust the texture, color and gradience. I would start early with these babies as it can take time to make enough for a string.


Table Numbers

The table numbers and seating plan are a great DIY project. You can do anything: mini frames with printouts, a glass window or mirror with handwriting, plant pots with numbers... use your wedding theme and integrate it!



Making your own favors is a great way to go. You'll probably find a way to save cash and create a very personal touch. If you're both into beer, how about DIY bottle openers using painted or glittered antique keys? Both into candy? DIY cute bagged favors. The possibilities are endless!

As a recently engaged chica, I'll definitely be trying a few of these! How about you?

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