7 Kitchen Essentials to Include in Your Wedding Registry ...


Do you have the right kitchen essentials included in your wedding registry? These are some of the kitchen essentials that you do not want to leave off of that list. These are items that you will use over and over throughout your years together as a couple. They will prove themselves useful time and time again.

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A Standing Mixer

A Standing Mixer According to the wedding website The Knot, the KitchenAid standing mixer is the number one item that couples add to their wedding registry. There is a good reason for that addition to the wedding registry of so many couples. This is one of the kitchen essentials that will prove its usefulness a thousand times over. You will use it for so many things. Additionally, the name KitchenAid means quality and you can count on it to stand up to the test of time.


Salt and Pepper Mills

Salt and Pepper Mills Salt and pepper mills are another kitchen essential. They are a wonderful addition to your kitchen. If you have ever used a salt and pepper mill to have freshly ground salt and pepper, chances are high that you won’t go back to your shakers. Salt and pepper that are freshly ground have a better flavor. This choice is also a way to upgrade the quality of your kitchen furnishings.


A Crockpot

A Crockpot I honestly don’t know what I would do without my crockpot. I don’t see how any kitchen can be complete without one. You can start a meal before dashing out the door in the morning and have it waiting when you get home. A crockpot can be used to keep food warm until it is time for a meal. There is just no shortage of ways a crockpot will be useful to you.


A Knife Set

A Knife Set Every kitchen needs a knife set. Without it, how can you properly prepare a meal? Many meals require preparation that a knife is needed for. A good set of knives is worth its weight in your kitchen. You will treasure yours if it is a quality set.


8-12 Place Table Settings

8-12 Place Table Settings If you ever plan to entertain, you want to have enough dishes for your guests. Generally an 8-12 piece table setting will cover that. For anything bigger, you usually make other arrangements such as paper plates or other choices. A place setting generally includes a plate, a bowl, a saucer and a mug. Having 8-12 place settings will also keep you from having to wash dishes constantly.


Measuring Cups and Spoons

Measuring Cups and Spoons Measuring cups and spoons are something you will use frequently. If you cook, you practically use them every day. Without them, there is no way to know you are adding correct measurements. You will use them for both cooking and baking. A nice set of these can last you for years.


A Set of Silverware

A Set of Silverware Silverware is a must. Without it, you are eating nothing but pizza and burgers. It is a good idea to purchase enough to go with your place settings. This is one kitchen essential that you cannot do without. You don’t want to leave this off your wedding registry.

These are some examples of kitchen essentials you may want to include in your wedding registry. What are some other kitchen items that you think you should include? Share your thoughts here to give other brides inspiration for their wedding registry.

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Kitchen utensils.........slotted turner, slotted spoon, solid spoon, large ladle, pasta fork, etc.

I don't agree with some of this junk you don't need to have measuring spoons there are so many other important things!

A good quality omelette frying pan.

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