7 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner and Avoid Becoming a Bridezilla ...


To ensure one of the most wonderful days of your life goes off without a hitch, review these reasons to hire a wedding planner, and then decide if this would work for you. Do you really have the time involved to do this yourself? How much help do you think you can realistically count on from the groom, before turning into a bridezilla? If you agree there are sufficient reasons to hire a wedding planner, then the next step is securing one that is right for you. Check out places like theknot.com to find a wedding planner in your area.

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Keeps Stress to a Minimum

With a wedding planner taking care of everything, you’ll find you can just relax and let them take on the burden of planning every last detail. In the beginning, you might find yourself calling them at all hours of the day and night as you think of different things, but if you choose wisely, then fairly soon in the process, you should be able to feel comfortable that your needs and desires are in good hands. You had good reasons to hire a wedding planner, now let them do what they do best. Just breathe.


They Know People

A good wedding planner that has been at it for a while will have a list of contacts that they can choose from for your big day. They’ll be knowledgeable about providing music, flowers, bartenders, photographers and so forth. Your wedding planner will have relationships with these vendors and be able to get you a much better price than you could have obtained for yourself.


Unforeseen Circumstances

Sometimes stuff happens when you least expect it, and when there are dozens of things going on during your big day or leading up to it, it’s entirely possible and should even be expected, that something you didn’t foresee will transpire. Your wedding planner has seen it all before and knows how to cope with unexpected crises.


Brings Your Vision to Life

If you’ve always dreamed of a winter wonderland wedding, explain your vision to your wedding planner and watch it come to life. This is not their first rodeo, and they will be able to enhance your original vision in ways you could never imagine.


Prevents Arguments

Your wedding planner will keep you sane and therefore, you can be the loveable girl that your finance fell for and not a bridezilla. The same applies to your bridal party and immediate family. The wedding planner will run the show and you can send anyone that has any concerns directly to her or him. This will save your relationships.


Attention to Details

The last thing you need to be doing as your wedding gets nearer, or even in the beginning stages, is worrying about little things or be having the the big fear of forgetting something you’ll need. Your wedding planner loves to do this; that is their bread and butter.


You Can Focus on Fun!

When someone else that is capable, is responsible for every little thing about your wedding, all you have to do is show up looking beautiful. You’re only a bride once (hopefully), and you should take the time when your wedding draws close, to pamper yourself and just have fun. Do enjoyable things with your bridesmaids, decide on your hair and makeup, and just enjoy being single for a few more days!

Let’s hear from those that went with and without a wedding planner for their big day. If you had to do it all over again, would you go the other route? Did anything unplanned happen on your wedding day? Did your wedding planner handle the emergency well? Share your stories!

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