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Would you love to add fragrance to your wedding? This is a relatively new trend in weddings, figuring out creative ways to add fragrance to your wedding. You not only want your wedding to look lovely but to smell lovely as well. These are some ideas to inspire you how you can add fragrance to your wedding.

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Use Real Flowers

Use Real Flowers One way to add fragrance to your wedding is to use real flowers instead of silk ones. Real flowers just have a fragrance that is hard to replicate. If you do need to choose silk flowers, don’t despair. You can request that your florist mist them with a fragrant floral spray before delivering them. This is sometimes even used on real flowers to punch up the scent to be a bit more than they naturally release.


Use Scented Candles

Use Scented Candles Scented candles are a wonderful way to add fragrance to your wedding. You can use them in your wedding, your reception or both. You can add them to every table or just to a few of them. You may want to put them in other places as well. Maybe you want to add them to some side tables or have them in the restrooms.


Tuck Fragrance in Hidden Places

Tuck Fragrance in Hidden Places Tucking fragrance away in hidden places is a very good idea. You can hide something fragrant such as some scented oil or pot pourri out of sight but still enjoy the scent. This is usually the scent that people notice the most because they don’t know where it comes from. In my home, I tuck new, unused fabric softener sheets between couch cushions. You could even do that in places where this is an option.


Have Guests Throw Lavender Instead of Birdseed

Have Guests Throw Lavender Instead of Birdseed I think this is a wonderful idea. Have your guests throw lavender instead of birdseed when you leave your wedding. You can have little cones ready to hold the lavender or tie it up in little cloth bags like you do birdseed. This is something that will be unique and your guests will enjoy. It would be a good idea to check with the authorities where your wedding will take place beforehand, though.


Use Room Fragrance Sprays

Use Room Fragrance Sprays Room fragrance sprays are a good way to add fragrance anywhere. You use them at home; why couldn’t you use them for your wedding? It may take a bit more of the fragrance but you can still choose this way to add fragrance to your wedding. It can be a subtle or a drastic addition of fragrance. That is up to you.


Brew High Quality Coffee

Brew High Quality Coffee Most people love the smell of fresh brewed coffee, even if they are not coffee drinkers. Brew a high quality brew where your guests can enjoy the fragrance. Think about how wonderful Starbucks or other coffee shops smell when you enter them. That is the fragrance you are giving your guests the gift of enjoying. They may even ask you what kind of coffee you chose for your reception.


Think Location

Think Location Location is something to be considered when you are thinking about how to add fragrance to your wedding. If you are having an outdoor wedding, you may want to pull in some scents of the woods such as pine or wildflowers. If you are having a beach wedding, the smell of the saltwater is going to do a lot of the job for you. You want to be sure you are working with your location in adding fragrance, not against it. You don’t want to add a beach fragrance to a church wedding, for instance.

These are some ideas of how you can add fragrance to your wedding. What are your thoughts? How do you plan to add fragrance to your wedding?

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