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There are some strong reasons to write your own wedding vows. If you have been swaying back and forth between using the traditional or writing your own, these are some points you may want to consider in favor of writing your own. It is a personal decision that only you can make. Think over these reasons to write your own wedding vows before you decide either way. You will then be able to make a more informed decision.

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It Makes Them Personal

One of the reasons to write your own wedding vows is that it makes them personal. You aren’t saying vows that are routine. They will have a unique flair to them that only you and your partner will totally understand. They can cover all of the special moments you have shared. They will be something memorable for the guests to talk about because they are exclusively about only the two of you as a couple.


It Makes You Consider Your Relationship

Writing your own wedding vows makes you consider your relationship in a deeper way. It is an opportunity to reflect on all of the special moments in your shared history. It also gives you a reason to consider what you want to promise for the future. It is a time to evaluate your relationship. You can reflect on what you love about your shared past and what you want for the future of your relationship.


It Reaffirms Your Love

Writing your own wedding vows is a way to reaffirm your love. As you sit down to think about what you want to say, one message will come through. That message will be that you love one another deeply and completely. Couples that write their own wedding vows are almost always deeply in love. They want the opportunity to say I love you by writing their own vows.


It Will Give Guests a Peek into Your Relationship

When you write your own wedding vows, you are giving guests a little peek into your relationship. They love that and appreciate you for sharing that with them. They love the fun of reliving those significant moments you mention. They enjoy the mystery of the parts they don’t quite understand. Writing your own wedding vows certainly ups the enjoyment factor for guests at your wedding.


You Will Remember Them

When you write your own wedding vows, you will likely remember them for all of your life. This is not something you do lightly. This can give you something special to share during your life together. You can quote these on special occasions to each other. It will be a wonderful way to say I love you in a sweet, meaningful way.


You May Be More Likely to Keep Them

Writing your own wedding vows may make you more likely to keep them. You have each individually made those promises that you wrote. You are not just repeating what you are told to say. You have each put thought and effort into your vows. This may make you think twice before you do anything that would go against them.


They Have More Significance to You

Your wedding vows may have more significance if you write them yourself. They are personal and have hidden meanings that you have made taking your relationship into account. You wrote your vows with your future spouse in mind. Because of this, they will be deeply special to you. They are all about the two of you and the life you will have together.

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to wedding vows. But these are some very good reasons you may want to consider writing your own. What are your thoughts on this subject?

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Definitely writing my own vows, it'll be hard not to waffle on! As long there's little funny bits and something that really means deep down, it'll do the trick for me :)

I always thought writing down your own vows meant so so much more.

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