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If you're in charge of planning a bridal shower, consider setting a gift theme that is close to the bride's heart. Doing so makes it easier for guests to know what to get and to expect at the shower. Plus, you want your party to be unforgettable, and who doesn't love a theme party?!

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Foodie Adventures

At a foodie themed bridal shower, have the fixings so guests may make their own gourmet pizzas. Or offer fondue with endless dipping options to put partygoers in a culinary state of mind. Gift ideas for the foodie bride are seemingly endless. A series of specialty cooking classes will delight an amateur chef, while a gift card to the hottest restaurant in town will create a culinary memory for the couple. Professional-grade kitchen gadgets, cookbooks and a night of personal chef services also are excellent suggestions.


Lacey Lingerie

Help the bride surprise her groom on a regular basis with this theme. Guests can give her a sweet babydoll nightie to wear one night, followed by a deep-V teddy the next. You can even make a game of the unwrapping of presents, awarding prizes to those that made the bride blush. For more conservative guests who prefer to purchase racy lingerie online, yumdrop.com and other such websites allow for discreet ordering and delivery.


Charitable Acts

Brides and grooms who are well established in life often ask for charitable donations in lieu of gifts at showers and weddings. They may suggest an organization to receive a donation or leave it up to the guests. If so, use a website such as CharityNavigator.org to ensure the validity of any group you give to in the couple's name.


Honeymoon Help

Another option for a bride who has it all is to give presents tied to the couple's honeymoon plans. Are they vacationing in London? The London Pass will get them into historic sites such as the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey and into art attractions such as The Courtland Gallery. Tube passes, restaurant gift cards and theater tickets also make great gifts. This makes choosing a theme easy as well, simply model it after their honeymoon destination.


Primping and Pampering<

Help offset the stress of a wedding with a "Relax and Rejuvenate" gift theme. This opens options up to everything from pre-wedding facial peels to salon and nail services for her big day to a couple's massage after the honeymoon.


Date Nights

Busy couples often schedule date nights to ensure they make time for each other. After the honeymoon stage, this proves especially important considering the overall divorce rate in the U.S. remains between 40 and 50 percent. Help the couple enjoy their time together with gifts such as tickets to romantic dinner cruises, theatrical productions and even a few games at the local bowling alley.


Wine Lovers

Along the lines of the Foodie Adventures suggestion, focus gift giving on wine for brides who appreciate a fine vintage or want to learn more about vino. A subscription to a Wine of the Month Club suits a beginner, while a couple who collects might enjoy the premium wines sent by Lot 18. Wine-related gadgets, glasses and coolers are also gift options. At the shower, you can invite a sommelier or a wine-knowledgeable friend to provide a wine and cheese tasting for guests.

No matter which gift theme you go with, incorporate it into the party itself. Turn the event location into a replica of the couple's honeymoon destination or have the shower at a winery nearby, just to name a couple suggestions. Do you have any more gift theme ideas to share with us? Comment below.

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