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It's your big day and a great reason to learn some intriguing ways to make your wedding amazing. By following a few simple steps, you can turn your wedding into a day filled with fairy tale occurrences and prevent yourself from becoming Bridezilla. As I introduce you to these fun and interesting ideas, I'm also planning a wedding, as I got engaged on Mother's Day this year. So, let's have fun and try to stay emotionally stable as we learn about eleven intriguing ways to make your wedding amazing.

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Plan Ahead

Among the first concepts to remember when discovering ways to make your wedding amazing is to start planning as soon as possible. Last minute plans lead to disaster and a really unhappy bride. I know this as I've been married before and could tell you stories about the many things that went wrong during that wedding. So, let's devise a plan and stick to it as much as humanly possible.


Your Own Personal Style

It's your wedding; you get to choose your personal style when it comes to all aspects of it. It doesn't matter if your cousin in Virginia isn't thrilled that you want to get married outside the Green Monster. It also doesn't matter if you stick to traditions or create your own. Again, it's your day.


Choose a Theme

Themes are not necessary, although they are fun. I've seen friends choose everything from “The Little Mermaid” to re-enactments of Anakin and Queen Amidala's brief but memorable wedding. Personally, I love Halloween. I love the gothic styles and the horror-based themes that come along with it. But that will be my day, not yours.


It's Really Her Job

Your maid of honor is supposed to help you with pulling everything together for your wedding. Allow her to do take on some of the responsibilities. This allows you enough time to relax for a while. You don't want to get so stressed out that it shows. So, relax and let your maid of honor do her job.


Dresses, Costumes, and More

If you chose a specific theme for your wedding, try selecting a dress that pulls it all together. Since my plans are for Halloween, I've chosen a black dress to tie into the whole classic goth theme. I haven't made a final decision yet, but I'm leaning toward a masquerade-style wedding to pull it all together. Costumes are also a major consideration.


Your Guest List

The size of your wedding will affect everything. It determines the venue you select and the number of menu items you need for your reception. To make it nothing short of amazing, invite only the people that mean the most to you, if you prefer a more intimate atmosphere. If you want a huge production, you should make sure your venue is an adequate size.


Idyllic Locales

Here's the element I'm personally having issues with fulfilling. I've always wanted to get married on a beach, which could provide a beautiful backdrop. I also love the idea of a Halloween celebration inside of a church; I am southern, after all. When making this decision, you should consider the wedding date and probable weather conditions. The number of guests will also affect your location and how you can accommodate them.


Flowers and Sneezing Fits

Have you ever looked at a bouquet or floral arrangement and thought, "Wow, that's perfect," only to realize that you're allergic to at least one flower inside them? Yeah, that's me right now. I love roses, but they don't love me. So, I'm leaning toward artificial flowers. While some brides may prefer live flowers, there's always that probability that someone could be allergic to any random bloom. This could lead to sneezing fits at critical times during your wedding. I know I don't want to say “I do” while sneezing or suffering through congestion, and I'm sure you and your guests don't either.


Cakes or Cupcakes

I've seen some unusual yet amazing cake designs that turned out to be cupcakes. I believe this decision is ultimately a matter of preference. But with the gourmet cupcake options available now, you could totally fool your guests with an interesting cupcake design instead of the cake - and as I have learned, they are cheaper.



Wedding rehearsals are essential. I know, I know. Everyone should know what they are expected to do by now, but sometimes they forget. It's always a good idea to do at least one rehearsal the day before the wedding just to be sure.


Music from Your Playlist

You aren't required to conform to the traditional rules when it comes to any portion of your wedding. This is especially true when it comes to your music. You can walk down the aisle to anything of your own choosing. This could be the Star Wars theme - yes, I've seen that one before - or it could be the song you share with your future husband. So, choose that wondrous song and let the love flow on.

Your wedding is your day, and it should be amazing. It should also adhere to your own style, preferences, and signature. What are some things you did for your wedding that made it amazing?

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