7 Creative Wedding Guestbook Ideas ...


7 Creative Wedding Guestbook Ideas ...
7 Creative Wedding Guestbook Ideas ...

From surfboards to wine bottles, wedding guestbook ideas are getting more creative all the time. Looking to put your own unique twist on a timeless tradition? Read on for a look at just a few creative wedding guestbook ideas that are guaranteed to provide a fun time for your guests, along with a lasting keepsake you’ll always treasure.

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Sports Gear

Sports Gear By far one of the top wedding guestbook ideas for sports lovers is to have your friends sign anything from a snowboard to rafting oars to a basketball. Whether the two of you love to surf, want to remember your first date at a baseball game, or just hope to celebrate your mutual love for football, let your imagination be your guide, and have fun coming up with the perfect sports-themed idea to symbolize you and your relationship. Displaying the gear in your home after the wedding will serve as a constant reminder of all the heartfelt well-wishes your guests had to share.


Thumbprint Tree

Thumbprint Tree Turn your guestbook into a lasting work of art with a thumbprint tree. Guests can use colored ink pads to add their own unique “leaves,” and can also be given the option to sign their names, either next to their own prints or in the white space surrounding the design. Canvas or high-quality paper prints for this type of guestbook can easily be purchased online, and some couples are even asking artistic family members and friends to create them. Without a doubt, this is definitely an excellent way to remember your wedding day in style!


Vinyl Record

Vinyl Record Couples who love music simply can’t go wrong by letting guests sign a vinyl record or two. Raid a relative’s collection for an old copy, or shop Etsy for a custom record labeled with your names and wedding date. Planning to do your first dance to a classic love song? Having guests sign a vinyl recording of that special melody is yet another fun and creative way to personalize things.


Rustic Stones

Rustic Stones Light-colored stones provide the perfect blank slate for guests to write short messages of friendship and love. Display them in a stylish glass jar or bowl at home after the wedding, and take them out to reread on your anniversary or whenever you need a quick pick-me-up. Guests can sign their names to unique items like seashells or wine corks, too, so go ahead and customize to match your theme.


Wine Bottles

Wine Bottles Whether your entire wedding is wine-themed or you just want to celebrate your enduring love for vino, asking guests to affix their names to a bottle of your favorite vintage is definitely a perfect touch. After the wedding, you can store the wine away to drink on your first anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion, and then also showcase the empty bottles as decorative keepsakes.


Photo Album

Photo Album What better way to showcase memories from your relationship than with a custom photo album guestbook? Fill the book with photos from your early days of dating all the way through to your engagement, and let guests go to town sharing their own favorite memories, pieces of advice, or whatever else comes to mind. Paired with your wedding album, this guestbook will no doubt help you create a great coffee table display for your home.


Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle Pieces Turn your guestbook into a game by asking friends to sign puzzle pieces you can then read and assemble after the wedding. Puzzles come in shapes ranging from the traditional rectangle to custom designs specially crafted to symbolize your wedding theme or relationship, like palm trees or hearts. Shop around, and choose the one that best fits your style and budget.

Now that you know all about my favorite wedding guestbook ideas, here’s one final word to the wise: be sure to visit your local craft shop and ask an associate which types of pens or markers will work best for the guestbook of your choosing. After all, the last thing you want to deal with is smudged ink or pens that just won’t write. What are some of your own top guestbook ideas? Will you be giving any of these a try?

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Love all of these, my favorite is the vinyl record!

Where would you find the puzzle pieces!!? Love that idea, my fiancé loves puzzles.

These are all fantastic ideas. I especially like the photo album and the puzzle pieces.

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