8 Tasty Ideas for a Foodie Themed Wedding ...


8 Tasty Ideas for a Foodie Themed Wedding ...
8 Tasty Ideas for a Foodie Themed Wedding ...

Is The Food Network your favorite channel on TV, do you go to the farmer's market every Sunday morning, and do you have a favorite food truck that you wait for every day at lunch time? Or perhaps you are a chef or a cook who just really loves good, fresh food; if any of these details describe you, a foodie themed wedding is the perfect fit for you and your spouse-to-be! Get ready for some food porn with these 8 Tasty Ideas for a Foodie Themed Wedding...

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Foodie Themed Wedding Invitation...

Foodie Themed Wedding Invitation... Photo Credit: Yours is the Earthvia Green Wedding Shoes

Not only is this invitation suite perfect for your foodie themed wedding, but it would also be perfect for your fall apple decor wedding. If you are serving farm fresh ingredients, giving nod to your chef hubby to be, or just love food, this adorable collection will show your guests the charming details of what's to be expected on your wedding day.


Foodie Themed Wedding Decor...

Foodie Themed Wedding Decor... Photo Credit: Lightbox Photographyvia Wedding Chicks

How cute is this wagon display idea for your foodie themed wedding. Perhaps you grew up on a farm, met each other at a farmer's market, or you started to grow your own little garden full of carrots, tomatoes, eggplant, and more; couldn't you just picture foodie themed decor like this at your big day. If you go to the farmer's market on the morning of your wedding for this display, you will have an abundance of fresh produce to share with your guests to send them home with.


Foodie Themed Wedding Centerpiece...

Foodie Themed Wedding Centerpiece... Photo Credit: Lightbox Photographyvia Wedding Chicks

Is that asparagus I see being used in the centerpiece...why yes it is! What a creative idea to take a stalk vegetable and tie it around a votive candle for a foodie themed wedding centerpiece, it's simple yet it makes such a big statement to really show your love for fresh food. They also used vegetable baskets as containers for the floral centerpieces, because it just wasn't creative enough with the asparagus centerpieces!


Foodie Themed Escort Cards...

Foodie Themed Escort Cards... Photo Credit: Emily Steffenvia ILoveSWMag

What's a foodie themed wedding without a bar-b-que sauce escort card to send your guests home with! Of course this has to be a homemade bar-b-que sauce since you are a foodie after all. I love the printed tags and the little bar-b-que grill stamped on them, the bag included with the escort card tag is a homemade spice rub. Won't your guests just fall in love with you all over again when they get to use this sauce and rub at home, tell them not to forget to invite the new bride and groom over for dinner!


Foodie Themed Wedding Bar...

Foodie Themed Wedding Bar... Photo Credit: Birds of a Feather Photovia Green Wedding Shoes

Are you celebrating a small brunch wedding with just a few close family members and friends? Well why not set up a pancake bar full of fresh fruit and fresh orange juice for your **foodie themed wedding **brunch that everyone will drool over, especially when you offer them fresh coffee as well! Pancakes are such a wonderful comfort food that just about everyone loves, so bring that warm, cozy feeling to your foodie big day and watch your guests go home with hearts and stomachs full of happiness!


Foodie Themed Wedding Table...

Foodie Themed Wedding Table... Photo Credit: Aaron Snow Photographyvia Style Me Pretty

When I think of a foodie themed wedding and a bride and groom who love food, I picture a family style set up for the reception tables. A family style dinner is when the food is brought out in big bowls and serving platters and everyone passes it along to be shared. It's a great way to really appreciate not only the food, but the loved ones you are enjoying the meal with. I love this long table in the photo above, it's perfect for a family style reception.


Foodie Themed Midnight Snack...

Foodie Themed Midnight Snack... Photo Credit: {Left} Wedding Chicks, {Top Right} Oh Happy Day, {Middle Right} Style Me Pretty, {Bottom Right} United with Love

Food trucks and midnight snacks have become a very popular trend for weddings of any theme and style, so it only seems right to include them in a round up about foodie themed wedding details! After a night of saying 'I Do', posing for pictures, and dancing and drinking to the good life, treat your bridal party and guests to a big foodie surprise of a gourmet food truck or a delicious late night snack like grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters, mini burgers and fries, or perhaps some fresh fish tacos...yum!


Foodie Themed Wedding Favor...

Foodie Themed Wedding Favor... Photo Credit: Marry This

Wedding favors for foodie themed weddings are probably some of the best favors guests get to take home, because after all it has to be centered around food right! I love this adorable idea of sending your guests home with a mini wisk and a mini spatula, but that's not all, you have also donated to a local food bank. Stop by Marry Thisfor a printable donation tag to attach to your favor and to find more charities that can fit the theme of your wedding if it is something other than a foodie theme. It's a wonderful idea to donate to a food bank all year round, but it's especially helpful on your wedding day to share the idea with others in hopes that they do so as well.

You don't have to be a chef to have a foodie themed wedding or even be someone who is an expert cook. A foodie themed wedding can be for any couple who loves these foodie ideas, loves fresh food and ingredients, loves traveling and experiencing new foods, and loves creating fun recipes for their friends and family to try. A foodie themed wedding can be centered around a farmer's market, a backyard bbq, a brunch full of fresh fruits and pancakes, or anything about food that you love. What food will you serve at your foodie theme wedding?

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