49 Wedding Themes for the Best Day of Your Life ...

By Neecey

With so many wedding themes, where on earth do you start? Every wedding has a theme - even if it's just a simple matter of a color choice. But what if you want more than just to choose a color? You might be passionate about something and have no problem with deciding - which is fantastic. But you might be stuck. Ready to be inspired? Here's a nice big selection of wedding themes to contemplate.

1 Fall Wedding

aisle,ceremony,shrine,autumn,temple, Via Fall Wedding: 10 Ways to ...
If you choose to go with the season you will have tons of wedding themes to consider.

2 Beauty and the Beast Wedding

centrepiece,pink,lighting,petal,event, Via Victoria and Jason's Beauty and ...
Does Belle inspire you?

3 Vintage Wedding

pink,flower arranging,floristry,flower,wedding, Via Mariage vintage | Cherry Plum
This means muted and pale colors with a touch of elegance.

4 Great Gatsby Wedding

centrepiece,lighting,food,iPaaě,EDI, Via Great Gatsby Inspired Celebration
Go to town with feathers, pearls and sparkles.

5 Black Tie Wedding

design,brand,collage,pattern,advertising, Via Glitter and Glam - Black ...
Do you want a formal affair?

6 Starry Night Wedding

beauty,poster,fashion,dress,brand, Via I Love You to the ...
You'll love this to the moon and back.

7 Indoor Garden Wedding

meal,floristry,restaurant,lighting,flower, Via Indoor Garden Wedding | 5 ...
Bring the outdoors indoors.

8 Carnival Wedding Theme

font,advertising,poster,banner,illustration, Via karaspartyideas.com
Perfect if you want a fun game-filled wedding.

9 Nautical Wedding

clothing,footwear,thigh,fashion,leg, Via Nautical Wedding: 10 ways to ...
You don't have to live by the sea to have a nautical theme.

10 Chic French Wedding

brand, Via The Colours of Love - ...
If you can't get to Paris for your honeymoon, bring Paris to you.

11 Travel Themed Wedding

room,home,art,baby shower,brunch, Via Passport to Love! {Travel Wedding ...
Sooo many ways to incorporate a travel theme. You could even base it solely on the country where you're taking your honeymoon.

12 Modern Music Themed Wedding

string instrument,bowed string instrument,music,string instrument,musical instrument, Via frostedpetticoatblog.com
Choose a style of music or your favorite artist.

13 Camping Themed Wedding

Iraultza,advertising,BONFIRE,SHOWERS,CAMP, Via 12 Legitimately Awesome Nontraditional Wedding ...
Share your love of life under canvas.

14 Ethereal Woodland Wedding

green,spring,collage,pattern,the, Via heyweddinglady.com
So pretty and so many colors work with green.

15 Literary Theme Wedding

meal,brand,VERDUE,WEDDING, Via 12 Legitimately Awesome Nontraditional Wedding ...
Bookworms of the world unite.

16 Minimalist Themed Wedding

advertising,product,design,brand,pattern, Via 12 Legitimately Awesome Nontraditional Wedding ...
It may look minimal but it still requires planning to the nth degree.

17 Twilight Themed Wedding

tree,botany,garden,flower,woodland, Via The Most Pretty Wedding Ceremony ...
If you still obsess over Twilight - go for it!

18 Winter Wonderland Wedding

brand,Sabrina,Table, Via Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas
The sheer beauty and your partner’s love will keep you warm.

19 Football Wedding

structure,sports,ball game,sport venue,baseball field, Via Bring Your A-Game to Your ...
Would this make you as happy as it would him?

20 Chanel-Inspired Wedding

collage,art,advertising,design,pattern, Via Classy and Fabulous! Chanel-Inspired Wedding ...
I should coco!

21 Steampunk Wedding

restaurant,112,'19,ーーーーーー, Via steampunk-wedding-095
Imagine how much fun this would be. Your bridesmaids will be clamoring to get into corsets!

22 Old Hollywood Wedding

function hall,lighting,wedding reception,ballroom,christmas decoration, Via Fotos de bodas espectaculares chécalas ...
Pile on as much glamour and glitz as you can muster.

23 Harry Potter Wedding

art,design,brand,HAPPINESS,GEOFFREY, Via Harry Potter Wedding Inspiration Board ...
The magic never dies.

24 Doctor Who Wedding

clothing,child,costume,spring,girl, Via A Doctor Who Wedding {Styled ...
What's the betting one of your guests would come as a Dalek?

25 Faerie-themed Wedding

Iraultza,people,dress,bride,photomontage, Via 12 Legitimately Awesome Nontraditional Wedding ...
Didn't you always want a bridesmaid with wings?

26 Christmas Wedding

pink,quinceañera,floristry,petal,flower arranging, Via Cranberry, Wine Ivory Wedding Color ...
Cranberry is a wonderful alternative to Christmas red.

27 Black, White, and Gold Wedding

ceremony,wedding, Via Feeding the Soul
A classic combo that always looks glamorous.

28 Under the Sea Wedding

blue,lighting,centrepiece,candle,glass, Via Second Chances by Susan: Wedding ...
Of course you can always go one step further and have a Little Mermaid wedding.

29 Pure Romance Themed Wedding

water,tourism, Via 5 Hottest Wedding Trends
Cram your wedding with everything that spells romance.

30 Burlap and Lace Wedding

room,property,dining room,restaurant,home, Via cake pops Archives - Storyboard ...
A deliciously rustic theme.

31 Boho Wedding

ceremony, Via Go Boho
Fabulous - naturally!

32 Black and White Wedding

aisle,ceremony,wedding,interior design,ceiling, Via Weddings; a happily ever after
Elegant and sophisticated. Ask the guests to dress accordingly.

33 Fire and Ice Themed Wedding!

centrepiece,blue,party,floristry,meal, Via Fire and Ice Themed Bat ...
Do you have to wait for winter for such a theme? I think not!

34 Enchanted Forest Themed Wedding

image,art, Via Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: An Enchanted ...
Harness the power of nature.

35 Mad Hatter Tea Party Wedding

art,ceremony,spring,pretorius, Via Five Wedding Themes That’ll Make ...
You'd never be late for this important date.

36 Poirot Inspired Wedding

clothing,art,wood,furniture,PHOTO, Via A Delicate Handmade Headpiece for ...
It's no mystery why you and your guests would love this.

37 Disney Princesses Wedding

woman,quinceañera,bride,gown,bridesmaid, Via Community Post: The Most Insanely ...
If you can't decide on your favorite, go for them all.

38 Phantom of the Opera Wedding

performing arts,performance art,entertainment,musical theatre,dance, Via 56 Creative Wedding Entourage Photo ...
But there's no reason why you can't base your wedding on your favorite musical - Chicago, West Side Story, My Fair Lady, Grease, Wicked ...

39 Peacock Wedding

blue,art,textile,material,flower, Via Save The Date Invitations Email ...
Amazing jewel colors.

40 '50s Retro Themed Wedding

art,poster,advertising,collage,design, Via bespoke-bride.com
This would work so fabulously well if you could hire a diner for the reception.

41 Broadway Theater Wedding

image,poster,art,collage,screenshot, Via Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Broadway Theater! ...
Your chance to walk the red carpet as the star of the show.

42 Italian Dinner Wedding Theme

meal,food,dessert,buffet,Goud, Via Budget Centerpiece Ideas for an ...
Celebrate your cultural roots.

43 Butterfly Themed Wedding

flower,flower arranging,pink,floristry,petal, Via "Finesse" Wedding Invitation, Violet Handmade ...
Butterfly accessories and decorations are widely available.

44 Teacher-themed Wedding

table,furniture,art,design,225, Via Homework: Happily Ever After
Brilliant if the bride and groom are both teachers.

45 Retro Aviation Themed Wedding

clothing,people,woman,dress,Are, Via Cleared for Take Off
You don't get much of an idea from this pic but click on the source and you'll see why this is cleared for takeoff.

46 Pirate Themed Wedding

eyewear,fashion,spring,photo shoot,album cover, Via blog.weddingwire.com
When asked why you're having a pirate theme you can respond, because we aarrghhh me hearties (in a pretend pirate voice).

47 Wartime Themed Wedding

art,pattern,design,brand,advertising, Via MAD ABOUT INSPIRATION
A great idea if your hubby is in the forces or if you love vintage.

48 Eco-themed Wedding

Youthline,meal,floristry,flower,-Friendly, Via Wedding Planning Wednesday: Tips For ...
Share your green conscience.

49 Halloween-Themed Wedding

halloween,tMyppPM, Via Bewitching Halloween Wedding | BridalGuide
Perhaps some wedding themes only work at certain times of the year.

Have you already decided on your wedding theme? Please tell us so others can be inspired.

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