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While Indian weddings are always super fun no matter when they happen, there are several reasons to have an Indian wedding in December. The colors, music and food of an Indian wedding are unique and so is the time of year when they can be enjoyed most. So if you’re a bride-to-be (or family of a bride or groom-to-be) read on about the 7 reasons to have an Indian wedding in December.

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Best Weather of the Year

One of the foremost reasons to have an Indian wedding in December is the weather. Of the whole year, this is the only month in which you never have to worry about whether it’ll be too hot to enjoy the wedding or whether it’ll get washed out due to the rain. The quintessential winter season in India, it is the best weather in which to fully enjoy the carnival an Indian wedding can be!


Outdoor Events in the Day

An Indian wedding in December means you can actually plan to have events outdoors in the daytime. This way you can actually have gorgeous beaches and palaces and expanses of lush green lawn are backdrops for wedding photos instead of the inside of a banquet hall. And because it’s cool (and even cold at times), being out in the sun actually feels nice!


Destination Weddings

Some of the most picturesque locations for Indian weddings are in Rajasthan. But being a desert state, it tends to be impossibly hot to enjoy weddings there. Except in December that is. Thanks to the gorgeous winter season, destination weddings are possible and everyone gets to have pre-wedding parties amidst sand dunes and royalty like weddings in erstwhile palaces.


December in Rajasthan transforms the arid landscape into a romantic oasis, perfect for couples dreaming of a fairy tale wedding. The cooler temperatures allow for extravagant outdoor ceremonies under the starry sky, with the grandeur of historical palaces serving as the ultimate backdrop. Guests can enjoy camel rides, folk dances, and traditional Rajasthani cuisine, immersing them in a cultural extravaganza. The pleasant weather also makes exploring the vibrant bazaars and historic sites a delightful experience for those attending the wedding, ensuring that the celebration is about more than just the exchange of vows—it's a memory to cherish forever.


Silks and Velvets

Having an Indian wedding in December is enough reason to bring out the gorgeous silks and velvets. These fabrics tend to be heavier and warmer and are perfect for a winter wedding. A December wedding allows for some spectacular wedding outfits (for the bride and all the guests) in some lovely bright colors like pinks and reds.


No Makeup Woes

Ever worn makeup on a hot day? Not the best idea right? Which is why having an Indian wedding in December is the best idea if you want to look ravishing in wedding photos. With the cool weather, you can rest assured that you won’t sweat your makeup off and that is sure to help you relax and enjoy the festivities. No sneakily trying to wipe the sweat off your face or running off to fix your mascara every few hours at a December wedding!


Winter Food

Indian weddings are synonymous with food. And there is no better time to enjoy that food than December. Seriously. The yummiest veggies are available at this time and some of the most sinfully delicious wedding foods get made at December weddings. Savory snacks and incredible sweets are what Indian weddings in December are all about!



Winters are the best time to enjoy alcohol because you never have to even think of the words ‘it’s too hot to drink’. Be it a daytime event or at night, it’s always the perfect weather to drink. And at Indian weddings, if there is one think that flows freely, it is the alcohol!

Indian weddings are a riot of color, textures and sounds. From gorgeous clothes to scrumptious food, there is everything. And these are the reasons to have an Indian wedding in December because it’s the best way to enjoy everything the festivities have to offer. When the weather is perfect, everything seems more fun and you’re definitely happier right? Do you have any more reasons why December is the best time to have an Indian wedding? Please share them with us!

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