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An Album of Some of the Funniest Wedding Photos in the World Wait Till You See 40 ...

By Neecey

Long gone are the days when wedding albums are simply a selection of poses - usually by family and social groupings. You want your day to be captured in so many different ways for a lifetime of memories. Look at how some couples put the funny into their wedding.

1 Leap of Faith


2 Oh No! They're Kissing. Again!

person,people,woman,wedding,ceremony,Via 42 Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo ...

3 Look at My Ring. Ohh. Aww. It's so Pretty. I Love It

groom,presentation,Plum,Tree,studios,Via 42 Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo ...

4 Yes! We. Are. Getting. Married. Today

photograph,blue,image,human positions,photography,Via The 22 Craziest and Most ...

5 Last Chance

people,spring,flower,child,Ron,Via Uncle Sign -Last Chance to ...

6 She Can See Right through You

black,white,black and white,photograph,image,Via

7 I do / I do What She Says

wine glass,stemware,glass,drinkware,material,Via I Do / I Do ...

8 Look Away Now

photograph,person,black and white,people,photography,Via Wedding Photos That'll Make You ...

9 Outdrinking the Guys


10 Cheers!

wedding,ceremony,bride,wedding reception,1Aa,Via 25 Share-Worthy Wedding Photos

11 Point It out

sign,cross,symbol,signage,BOOZE,,Via Can't Do Classy Wedding Ideas

12 Hidden Dutch Courage

black,white,black and white,clothing,photography,Via Great Cocktail Recipes: Wedding Garter ...

13 Best Engagement Picture Ever

room,art,WILL,You,ME,,Via 17 Of The Most Creative ...

14 Show a Leg

bride,wedding,man,groom,ceremony,Via 21 Wedding Photo Ideas for ...

15 Secret Service Ring Bearer

clothing,human positions,child,costume,Via 18 Wedding Ideas That Will ...

16 Groomsmen Underwear

team,sports,endurance sports,ROOMSMAN,BESTMAN,Via Here Comes the Awkward! 14 ...

17 Time to Pee

plant,woodland,lawn,meadow,plantation,Via 23 Wonderfully Hilarious Real Wedding ...

18 Never a Truer Word Was Said

man made object,distilled beverage,alcoholic beverage,drink,liqueur,Via Spunky Rooftop Wedding

19 "I Don't Want to Get My Dress Wet!"

muscle,sense,Via 6 Incredible wedding party photos

20 Family Fotos

person,people,groom,portrait photography,ceremony,Via

21 Superhero Groomsmen

person,musician,people,musical ensemble,team,Via Best Of, Funny Wedding Pictures ...

22 She's Already Got Him Climbing the Wall

photograph,social group,people,crowd,Via Photo of the Day

23 She's Putting Her Foot down Right from the Start

photograph,man,photography,male,ceremony,Via 25 Ways To Make Your ...

24 Do as You're Told

protest,community,SHE,PLEASE,MEANS,Via 40 Awesome Signs You'll Want ...

25 Cute Page Boys

people,ceremony,want,Hurry,alee.,Via 9 Couples Who Know That ...

26 Tee off


27 Proof Soulmates Exist

headstone,grave,monument,memorial,stele,Via 9 Couples Who Know That ...

28 Double Take

human action,person,finger,hand,sense,Via sb-random-12

29 No Peeping

Salt Lake City,people,ceremony,groom,ritual,Via Wedding Photos That'll Make You ...

30 Mugshots

person,man,people,groom,male,Via 42 Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo ...

31 The Evolution of (Grooms)Man

,Via 26 Funny Wedding Photos. (Probably) ...

32 Stupefy


33 Needs Must

wedding dress,clothing,dress,bridal accessory,bridal clothing,Via Peeing While Wearing the Dress

34 "when's It Going to Be My Turn?"


35 Bollywood Style

performing arts,dance,entertainment,performance art,sports,Via 26 Funny Wedding Photos. (Probably) ...

36 Runnnnn!

,Via Hilarious Photo of a T-Rex ...

37 I Always Wanted to Know What Was under a Bride's Dress

wedding dress,white,dress,clothing,black and white,Via 16 Funny Wedding Pictures You ...

38 A Super-tall Bride with Slacks under Her Gown

bride,woman,wedding dress,person,clothing,Via 42 Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo ...

39 Don't Corrupt the Flower Girl

performing arts,dance,sports,performance art,entertainment,Via

40 Wardrobe Fail

human action,person,finger,man,arm,Via

41 Tiny Bride

Saint Petersburg,photograph,human positions,person,man,Via buzzfeed

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