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76 Gorgeous Couple Poses to Inspire Your Engagement Photos ...

By Neecey

If you need some inspiration for your engagement photo shoot, pull up a chair, grab a cool drink and settle in for a line up of great couple poses. A skilled photographer will be able to recreate these for you subject to any limitations of the location of your shoot but no matter, just get creative and make them your own. And don't worry about the time of year, couple poses fit all weathers and all seasons.

1 Rustic Kiss

photograph,image,tree,morning,sunlight, Via | Junebug Weddings Photo Gallery

Countryside couple poses are so beautiful. These two aren't on the fence about their love.

2 Mila and Justin

hair,photograph,clothing,lady,beauty, Via

Beautiful celebrities = beautiful romance

3 Stunning Couple

photograph,bride,ceremony,groom,wedding, Via Boho Chic Inspiration Shoot by ...

He's mine - all mine.

4 Boardwalk

pink,photograph,woman,photography,dress, Via What to wear | Engaegment

Wrapped up in love.

5 In the Grass

human action,person,people,woman,man, Via Rebekah Westover Photography: Madison + ...

Classic poses never fail.

6 Carry Me

photograph,ceremony,photography,romance,event, Via

Who wouldn't want to be carried through a wheat field by a hunky man?

7 Lift Me up

photograph,photography,sunlight,forest,dress, Via Written Images

This has become one of the most popular couple poses for engagement photos.

8 On the Wings of Love

photograph,woman,bride,photography,dress, Via ***

Let your love soar.

9 Military Couple

person,woman,man,bride,groom, Via

Are you just waiting for him to sweep her up into his arms a la Richard Gere and Debra Winger?

10 Down on the Farm

photograph,people,photography,ceremony,romance, Via Love Down on the Farm

Flimsy fabric skirts and floaty dresses are a must for this ethereal lighting.

11 Romantic

photograph,person,photography,romance,ceremony, Via Emily Soto Fashion Photographer - ...

He's saying - "I wish this photographer would go away and give us some privacy so I can show you how much I love you."

12 Legging It

interaction,###,are,kolo, Via McKenzie + Garrett | Engagement ...

You're in my grip and I will do all I can to keep you. I'll love you forever.

13 All Woman

photo shoot,romance,interaction, Via 24 Stunning Portraits From The ...

Ellen and Portia show how it's done.

14 Interracial Love

human action,person,man,muscle,finger, Via Celebrity Weddings

I'm loving how the black and white is so emphasized as an expression of beauty. (Shame Heidi and Seal split)

15 Boho Chic

people,ceremony,woodland,flower,interaction, Via what gets me through life

Everything just screams au naturale.

16 Fun Pose

people,tree,man,male,season, Via

Why shouldn't you have fun celebrating your love?

17 Kiss

human action,photograph,person,man,male, Via Gallery & Inspiration | Picture ...

Demure, seductive and utterly romantic.

18 Gorgeous

pink,romance,leg,sense,bride, Via real life...beautiful and romantic photography ...

I know this is a wedding shot but it would work just as great for an engagement shoot.

19 Arm in Arm

photograph,woman,photography,man,ceremony, Via

It's nice to see this pose somewhere other than a field or lawn.

20 The Ring

human action,person,photography,beauty,finger, Via Minnesota Wedding Photographers, Minneapolis Wedding ...

Let's see the ring!

21 Softly, Softly

photography,wedding dress,bridal clothing,photo shoot,dress, Via Jose Villa | Fine Art ...

Such a lovely display of affection.

22 Wistful

hair,person,woman,yellow,hairstyle, Via

I think she's saying to herself "how lucky am I to have found the man of my dreams"

23 I Heart You

person,wedding dress,bride,dress,bridal clothing, Via Tiana + Daniel : engagement

Actually, as far as couples poses go, this is a bit lame. But you get the idea. There's some great string words you can work with for a lovely picture.

24 Love's a Beach

photograph,sand,brand, Via heart in sand engagement portrait

What a great way to make the beach an accessory to your picture.

25 Heart to Heart

photograph,person,human positions,child,sitting, Via black love | Tumblr

I think this is one of my favorite "make a heart" photos ever.

26 Casual

photograph,woman,photography,beauty,romance, Via

Am loving how it's the woman standing in this shot. so many couple poses have the male in the "dominant" position.

27 Linked

photograph,people,person,photography,man, Via Gorgeous Kim Jae Wook and ...

Sometimes, simple is all that's needed.

28 Connections

Hyundai,human action,white,black and white,man, Via 15 Couples Photograhy Poses That ...

Isn't this utterly charming?

29 Glam

hair,person,photography,hairstyle,beauty, Via Gal Meets Glam - Page ...

Nothing glows like a woman in love. You show it girl!

30 Tumbledown

human action,black,black and white,white,person, Via Wedding & Events

This would look great in color too. Just make sure your hair is shiny and glossy.

31 Nestling

person,woman,bride,ceremony,man, Via made u look photography

This is so snuggly-wuggly. They look like they fit together like jigsaw pieces.

32 Couch Potatoes

photograph,person,people,man,male, Via

Just so cute.

33 Windows

bride,photograph,image,woman,man, Via Korea Pre-Wedding Photoshoots by ...

This is another of those wedding poses that would translate equally well to engagement photos.

34 Beach Love

human action,person,photograph,image,woman, Via Capturing Love with Love

Just make sure this is the last of your pics, cos you is sure gonna be messy!

35 Forehead Kiss

black,photograph,black and white,person,woman, Via Nathan Moreau Photography • Wedding ...

The forehead kiss is such a cute couples pose but it just works so well - in all colors and all settings.

36 Red Door

red,photograph,photography,ceremony,romance, Via Future Mrs.❤

Love will out against all colors.

37 On Your Toes

black,white,black and white,photograph,human positions, Via Pictures to try

This is a nice variation on the usual tiptoe pics.

38 Skin

human action,person,black and white,photograph,photography, Via Portraits

If you're both comfortable in your skin, go for it!

39 He-Man

photograph,people,man,ceremony,interaction, Via

Do you trust your man's muscles?

40 Dip!

man,male,play,interaction,romance, Via LOVE♡

Simple but effective.

41 Hold on!

people,romance,interaction, Via Pinterest Marketing Tips

Don't let go!

42 Is That the Ring?

person,man,yellow,male,child, Via Kelsi & Westin are engaged!!! ...

Yes! In its full glory.

43 Lay Me down

person,photograph,black and white,people,child, Via ∘ my work ∘

I know it tickles when I nibble your ear, but be serious, the photographer's watching.

44 Pick Me up

photograph,interaction, Via Couples Picture Ideas.

And never put me down.

45 L O V E

photograph,woman,people,photography,dress, Via

Under the spell of love.

46 The Wall

color,human positions,photograph,sitting,blue, Via Day 96: Couples

Oh! So clever.

47 SnuggleD up

color,human action,person,photograph,woman, Via Cute holiday photo ideas for ...

Cossetted by love.

48 Tiptoes

photograph,woman,man,ceremony,romance, Via A Hotel Del Beach Proposal ...

I don't care I have o stand on tiptoes to kiss my man.

49 The Wall

person,woman,bride,man,ceremony, Via

There's such a sensual feel to this pose. Don't you agree?

50 Protection

person,clothing,military,interaction,photo shoot, Via

I'm taken with the idea that he's shielding here from harm.

51 Higher

leisure,tree,spring,picnic,th2, Via Immer Bella

What a great use of the prop.

52 Underneath the Apple Tree

photograph,person,woman,ceremony,romance, Via

I know this is one of the popular countryside couple poses, but it's beautiful.

53 Sports Fans

human action,person,human positions,male,sitting, Via Photography

Sharing a passion is always good.

54 Opposite Direction

winter,season,spring,photo shoot,interaction, Via

This is one of the few where I've seen couples facing in opposite directions, but as they're still lovingly gazing into each other's eyes, it works.

55 Umbrella

umbrella,art, Via Indulgy - Everyone deserves a ...

You don't always need faces for a great photo.

56 Close up

black,black and white,photograph,person,woman, Via San Francisco weddings. destination weddings. ...

Simple but far from boring.

57 Hot

white,black and white,photograph,black,clothing, Via Love to be in love ...

The weather's hot. The couple is hot. The picture is hot.

58 Wrap around

black and white,black,human positions,person,photography, Via LoveMoon

What an excellent idea. Forever in blue jeans.

59 Smile...

photograph,person,people,photography,ceremony, Via newborns, babies, and families're on candid camera

60 Reflection

water,reflection, Via The Story of Us

Very clever.

61 Swing

clothing,human positions,photography,beauty,sitting, Via true love

Making the most of the amazing light (and the kid's playground).

62 Trucking

vehicle,automotive exterior,advertising,truck bed part,bumper, Via Cute Stuff >.<

Now that's what you call a pickup.

63 Tree Huggers

person,people,photography,child,portrait photography, Via Country Chic Photoshoot Inspiration

Are they watching a squirrel?

64 Brick Wall

track,photo,gra, Via

The trend for casual engagement pictures is so ho right now.

65 And Dog Makes Three

people,ceremony,interaction,romance,family, Via Bethany F Photography

Why should pooch miss out on the posing?

66 I Love You

person,black and white,man,male,monochrome photography, Via I DO <3

This would work great with just the heart in bright red.

67 Reflection

brick,wall,brickwork,rock,art, Via Morgin and Patrick&#8217;s Engagement

Arty farty but very clever.

68 Close up

person,man,male,interaction,human body, Via picture ideas

Who wouldn't love a pic like this?

69 Paris

clothing,fashion,footwear,spring,dress, Via Paris Engagement from Sansaara Photography

If you're lucky - choose a romantic destination for your engagement photo shoot.

70 Hand on Heart

person,man,male,muscle,skin, Via Life made easier.


71 In the Frame

Santa Monica Pier,image,human positions,album cover, This will work for any background.

72 Making Tracks

interaction,track, Via Life through the glass

Only do this on a disused track!

73 Urban Kiss

ceremony,bride,spring, Via

City street shots can be cute too.

74 Poles Apart

photograph,blue,person,photography,ceremony, Via

Nothing will come between their love.

75 Friends

human action,person,clothing,blond,bride, Via Meet Brittany & Brent

This reminds me of that episode of Friends with Joey and Susan Sarandon - remember? Holding the face so only she can be seen in the shot?

76 Hold Me

human positions,sports,dance,leg,modern dance, Via Adam Jones

You'll have to practice this to make sure you can do it on the day of your shoot.

Did you get some great ideas for poses for your engagement photographs? Some will work just as fabulously for your wedding too!

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