45 Sparkling Engagement and Wedding Rings for You to Dream about ...


45 Sparkling Engagement and Wedding Rings for You to Dream about ...
45 Sparkling Engagement and Wedding Rings for You to Dream about ...

No matter what stage of your life, it's fun to look at wedding rings, even if you already have one on your finger. There are so many glittery and beautiful choices out there to admire. If you're hoping for a proposal soon or just want something to dream about, check out these wedding rings and they'll captivate you for sure.

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Small Stones

jewellery,ring,platinum,fashion accessory,silver, Via Vintage Diamond Wedding Ring Band ...
The stones on this ring might be small, but they sure are gorgeous. It looks like one of the best wedding rings to me.


When it comes to selecting the perfect ring, size isn't everything. This dainty piece proves that the twinkle of several small gems can come together to create an impact just as striking as one large stone. Each delicate jewel is meticulously set to catch the light from every angle, promising a dazzling display that complements the wearer's hand with understated elegance. Ideal for those who cherish subtle sophistication, it conveys a message of timeless love without the need for grandeur.


Hidden Gem

jewellery,platinum,fashion accessory,diamond,gemstone, Via Blooming Beauty Unique Engagement Rings ...
The tiny gem on the inside of the band is your little secret.


This hidden gem is a beautiful way to add a unique touch to your wedding or engagement ring. The gem is usually placed on the inside of the band and is a subtle, yet special detail that only you will know. It can be a diamond, sapphire, ruby, or any other precious stone of your choice. This is a great way to make your ring even more special and personal to you. You can also choose the size of the gemstone, to make sure it fits your style and budget. With this hidden gem, you can have a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry that you can cherish forever.


Pearl Wedding Ring

jewellery,ring,fashion accessory,gemstone,wedding ring, Via Pearl Wedding Ring Set - ...
There's no rule that your wedding ring has to have a diamond, as proven by this lovely pearl creation.


Simply Beautiful

jewellery,ring,fashion accessory,platinum,diamond, Via media-cache1.pinterest.com
The band is detailed, but the ring is still simple and gorgeous. What's not to love?


This beautiful ring is made of platinum and features a diamond, making it a stunning piece of jewellery. It is a perfect choice for an engagement or wedding ring, as the simple yet detailed design is sure to make a statement. The ring is sure to sparkle and catch attention, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to stand out on their special day. With its classic design, this ring is sure to be a timeless piece that will be cherished for years to come.


Wedding Band

flower,pink,clothing,flower arranging,flower bouquet, Via Verragio INS-7074W Beaded Twist Diamond ...
This wedding band is by no means simple, but will look wonderful paired with its matching engagement ring.


The intricate design features delicate beading and an exceptional twist encrusted with diamonds that captures the eye. Crafted by the renowned Verragio, this band is a testament to the brand's commitment to luxury and intricate detailing. The sparkle is truly eternal, mirroring the everlasting love it symbolizes. When paired with the equally stunning engagement ring, it creates a match made in heaven. This is the ring that will make you the center of attention and the envy of all who witness its beauty. It's more than just jewelry; it's a statement of romance.



ring,finger,jewellery,nail,fashion accessory, Via Tungsten Wedding Bands, Carbide Rings ...
On the other hand, there's also something to be said for the simply beauty of this wedding ring.


Bezel Set

jewellery,fashion accessory,ring,gemstone,diamond, Via Vintage Inspired Bezel Set Diamond ...
You could wear this band on its own or pair it with a variety of engagement rings.


Puzzle Pieces

jewellery,ring,fashion accessory,finger,bracelet, Via pinterest.com
This is definitely a set that goes together.



jewellery,fashion accessory,bracelet,ring,platinum, Via Love this wedding band
This simple creation can be both engagement and wedding bands and is perfect if you want something small and simple, but still jaw dropping.


Top and Bottom Bands

white,black,black and white,close up,arm, Via Agirlswedding.com
Add the anniversary band on top when you hit a big milestone. Or little one!


Adding an anniversary band is a perfect way to commemorate the special moments that define your journey together. Whether it's for a decade of togetherness or celebrating your first year as a married couple, these bands symbolize the continuation of your love story. They can be stacked elegantly with your engagement and wedding rings, offering a new dimension to your bridal set. So, whether it's with extra sparkle or a design that complements your original rings, make every milestone unforgettable with a beautiful testament to your enduring partnership.


Fancy Band

jewellery,platinum,fashion accessory,ring,diamond, Via Wedding Rings
The band on this ring is unlike anything you'll ever find.


Rose Bud

jewellery,fashion accessory,ring,platinum,diamond, Via Blooming Work of Art - ...
For the romantic in you comes this rose shaped ring. The flower of love!


This beautiful rose-shaped ring is made from platinum and is adorned with a dazzling diamond in the center. It is a perfect choice for a romantic engagement or wedding ring, and is sure to make a statement. The ring is available from Blooming Work of Art, an Etsy shop that specializes in unique and stylish jewelry. Whether you are looking for a classic or a modern look, this ring is sure to turn heads. The ring is a timeless symbol of love, and will be a treasured reminder of your special day.


Eternal Braid

jewellery,fashion accessory,platinum,diamond,gemstone, Via Verragio Eternal Braid Diamond Wedding ...
It never stops, just like your love for each other.


Diamond and Gold

ring,jewellery,finger,fashion accessory,hand, Via Fine!! Wedding stuff
Super traditional and sophisticated, but still something to talk about.


Small and Spectacular

jewellery,fashion accessory,bracelet,gemstone,platinum, Via Diamond Wedding Band 14K White ...
It might not be seen across the room, but this simple wedding band is still really beautiful.


Couples Wedding Ring

ring,footwear,platinum,jewellery,arm, Via unity
It's really cool how the two rings match up when they are next to each other.


The puzzle-like design symbolizes the perfect match that a couple makes, just like their unique and intertwined lives. It's a breathtaking way to make a statement of unity and commitment. When worn separately, each ring is a stunning piece of art on its own—but together, they're an unbreakable representation of shared love. The craftsmanship involved in creating such a complementary set takes careful consideration, ensuring that the fusion is seamless—a true testament to a duo's harmonized spirit.


Matching Set

ring,jewellery,fashion accessory,platinum,diamond, Via See How Two Crazy-Different Styles ...
What could be more symbolic than a groom's ring that matches the bride's?


Achieving the ultimate unity in both design and sentiment, matching sets bring together the lovebirds with a harmonious blend of precious metals and stones. Imagine a bride's delicate band, intricately laced with diamonds, nestling perfectly beside her groom's more robust yet equally elegant platinum comfort-fit band. Together, the rings tell a story of shared tastes and intertwined destinies, making them an ever-popular choice for couples looking to visually express their commitment and unity. Each glance at their hands becomes a sparkling reminder of the vows they've shared and the life they've chosen together.


Intricate Design

jewellery,fashion accessory,platinum,diamond,font, Via wf3stone2 - Brides and Rings
The intricate detailing on this ring makes it something really special.


Vintage Feel

jewellery,ring,fashion accessory,platinum,gemstone, Via The ENCHANTED PRINCESS White Sapphire ...
It might not be encrusted with stones, but the band on this ring is really special.



platinum,jewellery,ring,fashion accessory,diamond, Via Wedding
Engraving your names and the date of your wedding makes this set even more meaningful.


Integrated Bands

jewellery,fashion accessory,ring,diamond,gemstone, Via Ring Porn™ on Twitter
I like how the wedding band slides right up the engagement ring for a showstopping setting.


Sparkle Galore

ring,jewellery,fashion accessory,hand,wedding ring, Via Wedding
I can only imagine this beauty catching the light. Stunning, wouldn't you say?


Super Bling

jewellery,fashion accessory,gemstone,diamond, Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
This is one shiny wedding ring. It's sure to get lots of attention.


Mingled Band

jewellery,fashion accessory,bracelet,silver,chain, Via AVERY WEDDING RING on The ...
I love how the two bands intertwine with one another. Symbolic, wouldn't you say?


Multicolored Metal

jewellery,fashion accessory,ring,gemstone,diamond, Via Tungsten Wedding Bands, Carbide Rings ...
For something really different, check out the multiple metals making up the band on this ring.


Princess Cut

finger,hand,leg,fashion accessory,jewellery, Via Southern By the Grace of ...
Princess cut diamonds are a pretty popular choice and this ring shows you why.


The princess cut is cherished for its modern lines and brilliant sparkle, second only in popularity to the classic round cut. With its pyramidal shape and beautifully arranged facets, it captures light in a way that highlights the diamond's clarity. Perfect for a bride who adores a mix of contemporary style and timeless elegance, the sharp corners and clean profile of a princess cut ring make a bold but sophisticated statement. Whether set in a sleek solitaire or framed by side stones for added dazzle, it's a cut that's versatile and forever in vogue.


Round All over

Via pinterest.com
The round diamond looks wonderful surrounded by smaller round stones.


Fancy Details

jewellery,ring,platinum,fashion accessory,diamond, Via New modern and vintage-inspired wedding ...
It's not super showy, but the details on this ring make it stand out anyway.


This stunning ring is a perfect example of a modern and vintage-inspired wedding ring. It features a platinum band with a diamond set in the center. The diamond is surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, and the edges of the band are adorned with a delicate milgrain detailing. This beautiful ring is the perfect combination of classic and modern elements.

The center diamond is a round brilliant cut, which is the most popular shape for engagement and wedding rings. The halo of diamonds adds a unique sparkle to the ring and makes it stand out. The milgrain detailing is a classic feature that adds a touch of vintage charm.

This ring is perfect for the bride who wants a timeless look that will never go out of style. The combination of modern and vintage elements makes it a unique piece that will be treasured for years to come. The ring is also a great choice for those who want a ring that is both eye-catching and understated.


Swirly Details

jewellery,fashion accessory,wedding ring,ring,diamond, Via Tungsten Wedding Bands, Carbide Rings ...
The swoops and swirls covered in diamonds are great additions to this ring.


Antique Platinum

jewellery,ring,fashion accessory,silver,platinum, Via Antique Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring ...
If you're really in the market for something different, this is the wedding ring for you.


Fantastic Stone

jewellery,ring,platinum,fashion accessory,diamond, Via Beautiful Ideas of Engagement Rings ...
The cut of the stone makes this a really sophisticated choice.


Traditional and Elegant

jewellery,finger,ring,orange,fashion accessory, Via weddingkeep.com
There's nothing wrong with choosing something that's as sophisticated and traditional as this engagement ring.


Antique Pearl

jewellery,fashion accessory,hand,silver,gemstone, Via Antique Pearl Wedding Ring Victorian ...
It looks like this ring has a ton of history behind it.


Antique pearls evoke a sense of timelessness and classic beauty that is truly unmatched. Imagine the story that each pearl could tell—the grand occasions it's witnessed and the tender moments it's beheld. Often passed down through generations, these gems carry with them the essence of heritage and romance. This particular ring whispers tales of Victorian elegance and enduring love. Its intricate design and ornate detailing speak to a craftsmanship that cherishes detail and artistry. Owning such a piece is not just about having an accessory, but about preserving a slice of history and embracing the legacy of love it represents.


Rose Gold

jewellery,ring,fashion accessory,diamond,gemstone, Via Barra 8mm 14kt Rose Gold ...
The rose gold of the bands really makes the diamonds shine.


Art Deco

jewellery,fashion accessory,ring,diamond,gemstone, Via craftsforfamilys.blogspot.ca
A little bit vintage and a little bit modern - this ring is stunning no matter what time period it is.


Double Band

jewellery,fashion accessory,platinum,gemstone,diamond, Via In the market for a ...
This ring is engagement and wedding in one with the two bands already together.


This intertwined design offers a seamless blend of both commitment and union symbolized through its dual-band structure. Crafted for those who favor a sophisticated yet practical approach to bridal jewelry, it negates the need for two separate pieces. Adorned with sparkling diamonds, the ring is both a statement and a staple, perfect for eternal wear. With such a unique piece, you can easily flaunt a stylish continuity between pre and post wedding day celebrations.


Thick Band

jewellery,fashion accessory,platinum,wedding ring,gemstone, Via Discount Wedding Dresses & Occasion ...
The band might be thicker than average, but all the better to hold all those extra diamonds.


Super Sophisticated

jewellery,fashion accessory,platinum,ring,diamond, Via One day
You wouldn't turn this ring down would you?


This ring featured in the article is a stunning example of a super sophisticated engagement and wedding ring. Made of platinum and adorned with sparkling diamonds, this ring is a dream come true for any bride-to-be. The intricate design and attention to detail make it a true work of art. It is the perfect symbol of love and commitment, and it is no wonder that it has been included in a list of 45 sparkling engagement and wedding rings for women to dream about. This ring is sure to make any woman feel like a princess on her special day.


Tapering Diamonds

jewellery,platinum,fashion accessory,ring,diamond, Via FAIRYTALE FASHION
You can't deny how lovely the tapering effect looks when it comes to this ring.


Jaw Dropping

clothing,fashion accessory,jewellery,bling bling,ating, Via Rocks on rocks on rocks: ...
No one is going to miss this stunning wedding ring set on your finger!


A Band of Diamonds

jewellery,ring,platinum,fashion accessory,diamond, Via 7.10.15
I love how the stones on the band highlight the big one in the middle.


Framed Stone

jewellery,platinum,fashion accessory,ring,diamond, Via Sterling Silver CZ Wedding Ring- ...
It's really pretty how the large stone is framed by the smaller ones surrounding it.


Diamond Bands

jewellery,black and white,fashion accessory,diamond,platinum, Via pinterest.com
I love how the bands are covered in diamonds too.


Matching Bands

ring,jewellery,fashion accessory,finger,hand, Via #Diamonds ~ #Capri #Jewelers #Arizona
Some wedding bands are different than the engagement one, but I love how these two match.


Colored Stones

jewellery,fashion accessory,gemstone,hand,ear, Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
Most men opt for diamonds, but whoever picked this ring got it exactly right.

Do you already have a wedding ring or are you dreaming of one? Which one is your favorite?

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