How to Fake a Glamorous Wedding on a Shoestring Budget ...


Would you love the look of an expensive wedding but it is just out of your budget? If so, there are some ways to fake a more expensive wedding. These are some ideas to help you do that. You can have the look of a more expensive wedding than you are truly spending.

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Bypass Paper Tablecloths

If you want to achieve the look of a more expensive wedding, bypass paper tablecloths. Cloth ones aren’t terribly expensive. If they still seem out of the price range, look into renting them. There are many areas where you can actually rent linens. This will give you the look of a polished table at a fraction of the price.


Remember Simplicity is Elegant and Tasteful

Remember this. Simplicity is considered elegant and tasteful. If you go for a look that is simple and elegant, it will look expensive, whether it actually is or not. People tend to not pay any attention to what something costs if it is lovely enough. Make simplicity and elegance your goal and it will come off very tasteful and not at all cheap.


Skip the Streamers

Streamers tend to look cheap. They are great for birthday parties for a toddler, not for a wedding. There are much more tasteful ways to decorate. You may have to be creative to accomplish this. Thankfully, there is a lot of inspiration out there, such as what you can find on Pinterest.


Use Candlelight

Candlelight is something that is used in very lavish weddings that you can use, too. Candles can be purchased very economically. There are also many different ways to use them. You can use them in your wedding, your reception or both. They make a beautiful decoration as well as being beautiful lighting.


Choose an Elaborate Napkin Fold

It isn’t expensive to fold a napkin elaborately. If you are doing cloth napkins, take the time to learn a pretty napkin fold. Cloth napkins can be purchased for a very economical price. You can even get them at dollar stores for much less than you might think. This will make your wedding look more luxurious.


Add Mirrors to Your Tables

Adding mirrors to your table is a wonderful way to punch up your centerpiece. It will double the look of what you have on your table, making it look like there is more than there actually is. Additionally, it is a very elegant, classy touch. Mirrors are always a tasteful addition and candlelight is beautiful when it is on top of them.


Add Fillers to Your Flowers

If you want to have a big bouquet but can’t afford all of the flowers that it would take, think about using fillers. Fillers are things such as greenery, ribbons and other items that make your bouquet expand without adding in expense for more flowers. Of course, there is some cost for fillers but not as much as adding a lot of extra flowers might be. Fillers can give you the bouquet size you want in a more economical way. You aren’t compromising on size, just using different contents.

These are some things you can do to achieve the look of a more expensive wedding. What are some ideas you have for this topic? Your ideas can give inspiration to others.

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