7 Things Totally Not Worth Freaking out over on Your Wedding Day ...


There are so many things not to freak out over on your wedding day. Everything will seem like a major catastrophe but in truth, there are few things that there aren’t any remedies for. While there are some true things worth your worry, these are some that are not. Let’s talk about things not to freak out over on your wedding day.

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You Snagged Your Wedding Dress

It is not altogether unusual to catch your dress on something, which results in a snag. This is absolutely one of the things not to freak out over on your wedding day. While it is upsetting, most snags can be easily fixed. There is almost always someone good at assisting with those sorts of things in your wedding party or in your closest circle of guests. Even if you can’t get it repaired, the chances are very low anyone even notices.


The Cake Isn’t Perfect

You spent so much time and effort choosing the perfect cake, not to mention money. Suddenly, you realize your perfect cake isn’t so perfect. Maybe an edge isn’t perfectly decorated. Maybe your darling flower girl couldn’t resist dipping her finger in the icing. Most of those things can be hidden. Even if they can’t, realize that no one will be scrutinizing it as closely as you are.


You Feel Nervous

Feeling a little nervous on your wedding day is truly to be expected. Very few brides, or grooms for that matter, make it through their wedding without a few nervous jitters. If you have an attack of nerves, remind yourself of all the wonderful things about your soon-to-be mate. Do something calming, such as talk to your mom or visualize the beautiful location you have chosen for your honeymoon. Take some deep breaths and you will feel much better.


You Chipped a Nail

Chipping a nail can feel like the hugest frustration in the world on your wedding day. And while it is aggravating, it isn’t worth freaking out over. Carry your polish with you on the day of your wedding to take care of this. If it is an acrylic nail, you may have time to have it fixed or attempt the job yourself. Remind yourself there are worse things that can happen.


It’s Raining

Rain on your wedding day is one of the things that most brides are tempted to freak out over. This is absolutely more tempting if your wedding is outside. In order to prevent yourself from freaking out, make a backup plan if your wedding is to be held outdoors. Otherwise, try to look at the rain as something that will make your day memorable. Additionally, rain on your wedding day is considered to be good luck.


You Are Getting a Blister on Your Foot

Getting a blister is very painful. This isn’t something anyone wants. If this happens, use a band aid or some mole skin to cover the injured area. If you can, avoid putting on your shoes until the last minute. Lastly, wear the shoes before your wedding day while indoors at your home to get a feel for how they may work for you.


Not All Guests Showed

If all of your guests don’t show, don’t panic. If you are having a large enough wedding that you have planned your seating charts out carefully, you have hopefully arranged to have someone handle this situation if it becomes an issue. In this situation, delegate the handling of the problem to someone else. If you haven’t hired someone for this task, find someone you know would do wonderfully at handling it and let them take care of it for you.

These are some ways you can handle small issues at your wedding. What are your wedding fears? What things do you worry will happen on your wedding day?

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Rained on my wedding day and I totally freaked!!!

not all guest show up just means extra food

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