8 Steps to Organizing the Perfect Bachelorette Party ...


8 Steps to Organizing the Perfect Bachelorette Party ...
8 Steps to Organizing the Perfect Bachelorette Party ...

Isn't it an awesome feeling to be someone's maid of honor? Of course with great power comes great responsibility. Guest contributor Rosella Pollard shares her tips on how to organize the perfect bachelorette party!

Being Maid of Honour is an honour bestowed upon only the best of friends and the closest of family members. Apart from the touching sentiment and your role on the beautiful wedding day, you get to play a large part in organising the bachelorette party. It is easy to underestimate the amount of planning required to make a bachelorette party successful! That’s why hen party experts HenStuff have prepared a list of 8 things that are guaranteed to help you plan a perfect bachelorette party.

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Put the Bride First

Planning a bachelorette party is so exciting that it can be easy to lose sight of why you’re planning this amazing event in the first place! While extravagant burlesque lessons may sound like your idea of a good night, it may not be the best plan if your soon-to-be-wed pal is a little shy and reserved. Ultimately, this is a night to celebrate her, so make sure that she’s at the forefront of your mind when you’re making plans.


Consider Your Fellow Hens

Though the bride-to-be is the focal point of the night, you need to make sure that the party has something for everyone. Your hens will be more than willing to pay their share of the party’s cost, but it’s hardly fair to go bungee jumping if some of the hens are terrified of heights! There may also be some older family members attending who won’t want to drink cocktails all night long, so make sure there are activities that are suitable for all ages. Why not discuss the plan with your fellow hens over dinner and some drinks? This will ensure that the bachelorette party has something for everyone; it will also help you with ideas and get everyone bonding before the big night.


Location, Location, Location

The location of your hen night will have a huge effect on budget, so it’s important to suss out the situation well in advance. Gather your fellow hens and see who has the money for what. You can go abroad – this will dramatically increase the cost, but hey, you get a fabulous holiday with your girls! There are companies that offer holiday packages especially for hen parties, so there are plenty of options available. Alternatively, you could opt for a city break and explore a new place that’s relatively close to you. You’re never too far from a city with loads of activities to offer – do a bit of research and choose somewhere to suit everyone’s budget and interests.


Plan Your Activities

The best bachelorette parties are organised to a T. There is nothing worse than arriving somewhere to a chirping chorus of «So…what shall we do now?» Plan your activities meticulously to ensure that everything runs smoothly. There are so many hen party activities that you can try – why not book a Beyoncé dance class? Or a cocktail-making master class? Or how about something alternative, like an activity day or rock climbing? There’s something out there for every group of friends, no matter what your shared interests are! The weekend is yours for the taking; our only recommendation is that you fuel it with plenty of cocktails and take lots of pictures wherever you go to remember the weekend.


Bachelorette Party Games

What's a bachelorette party without games? Games help break the ice, bring the girls together and get the drinks and banter flowing on the bachelorette’s big night! They’re also a lovely way of including everyone. One of our favourite hen party games is the Mr and Mrs Game, which will involve some sneaky planning on the Maid of Honour’s part! You must sneakily ask the groom some questions about the bride before the hen weekend begins (for example, «What is your favourite thing about your fiancée?») Take note of his answers and then get the bride to guess his answers on the big night! The questions can be as naughty or as funny as you like, but it’s a real test of how well the bride knows her future husband! There is also a range of fantastic hen night games available to buy; you can get drinking games, hen party dare games, and a whole range of hilarious novelty games for the big bachelorette party – all of which will gran
t you a one way ticket to a seriously great night.


Sort Your Outfits

It’s no fun feeling under or over-dressed for an occasion that you were really excited about. Make sure the hens and the bride-to-be are all well aware of the dress code before the big night to avoid any disappointment. Why not take this opportunity to plan an amazing fancy dress theme to get you and your girlies feeling glam and gorgeous? Oh, and don’t forget the hen party sashes – every good bachelorette party needs matching sashes to finish off everyone’s outfits. If you’re travelling to your destination in a group, you might want to look into getting some personalised hen party T-shirts printed too. As well as helping you stand out from the crowd, they make for great souvenirs of what will undeniably be one seriously fantastic weekend.


Hen Party Bags

Hen party bags (filled with hen night accessories) are the ultimate finishing touch for any bachelorette party. You can make these as extravagant or as low-budget as you like, but the sentiment will always be appreciated. You can buy some gorgeous hen party bags and fill them with pretty much anything you like – we recommend whistles, mini shot glasses and an assortment of naughty novelties! Click here for more ideas.


Arrange a Follow up!

Who said a hen party could only last for one weekend? Make sure all the girls keep in touch and meet up regularly after the party to carry on the pre-wedding buzz and reminisce over those good times. This will give the bride a pleasant distraction from all her hectic wedding planning, too!

And there you have it, girls: the ultimate guide to planning a hen party bonanza for you and your friends! The trick is to be super-organised. As a hen party company, you won’t believe how many last-minute orders and frantic phone calls we get the day before a hen party. Save yourself time by being organised – besides, getting everything done ahead of schedule leaves you with much more time for mojitos!

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