7 Touching Poses for Mother Daughter Wedding Photos ...


7 Touching Poses for Mother Daughter Wedding Photos ...
7 Touching Poses for Mother Daughter Wedding Photos ...

Mother daughter wedding photos are some of the most touching photos of all the kinds of wedding photos. There is just something very magical that can be captured between a mother and a daughter. It is a special kind of connection and a bond that can’t be captured with any other two people. Mother daughter wedding photos are some of the best and should be given special attention. These are 7 touching poses you might consider having taken.

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Generational Hands

Generational Hands I love the photos that show generational hands. They can include several sets back from bride to mother to grandmother to even great-grandmother if that is a possibility. But if it isn’t or even if you just prefer it not to be, it can be just mom and daughter. It is beautiful as a choice for mother daughter wedding photos. The bride is dressed beautifully and the mother is in her mother of the bride dress. It is a special moment and a special way to capture it.


Mom Helping Bride Get Ready

Mom Helping Bride Get Ready There are usually some photo-worthy moments when a mother is helping her daughter get ready for her wedding. She may be helping her apply her makeup or adjusting her veil. Why not capture those moments? Ask your photographer to be available and on the lookout for moments just like these. These are the types of moments you really can’t plan and need to be captured as they happen naturally.


Laughing Together

Laughing Together Try to have your photographer capture the two of you laughing together. Most mothers and daughters have all sorts of moments that they can share laughter over. Most of them are inside jokes and things that only the two of them understand. That is so much the better and just adds to the charm. Capturing moments like that is priceless.


Sharing a Moment

Sharing a Moment There will undoubtedly be a moment that needs to be captured on film between a mother and daughter at the wedding. It may be the mother kissing her daughter before she walks down the aisle to meet her groom. It could be the mother telling her daughter goodbye as she leaves for her honeymoon. It might be the look of love and pride on a mother’s face when she sees her beautiful daughter as a bride for the first time. Your photographer needs to be alert and ready to catch such a moment.


In a Hug

In a Hug A mother and daughter hug can be a beautiful pose for your wedding pictures. It can express so much and bring tears to the eyes of all of those who see it. This picture can tell the bond between a mother and daughter. It can show that a mother and daughter are happy to share in the moment or feeling emotional at the changes that are happening in their lives. It is a pose you don’t want to miss having captured.


Smiling at Each Other

Smiling at Each Other This one is very simple but very poignant. A pose of a mother and daughter smiling at each other can be a priceless photo to have. They can be standing a distance apart or close to one another. Maybe they would be holding hands or touching foreheads. There are many different variations to this pose that could be chosen.


Looking in the Mirror

Looking in the Mirror This pose is a lovely one to capture. It is simply the mother and daughter looking in the mirror together. Maybe they are looking at each other. They may be both looking at the bride herself. Let the moment play out as it happens naturally and it is sure to make a beautiful wedding photograph.

These are 7 ideas you can use to capture very special moments between yourself and your mother at your wedding. Which idea do you like best? I would love to hear from you.

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My mum's mum passed away, so my mum and I recreated their pose from my mum's wedding picture on the church steps.

The girl in the picture is like 15

Another photo option that is great is a mother and daughter dancing! Sometimes you just have that one song with your mom why not turn it on and just dance!

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