7 Wedding Hairstyles for Beautiful Brides ...


7 Wedding Hairstyles for Beautiful Brides ...
7 Wedding Hairstyles for Beautiful Brides ...

For those of you that have a wedding coming up soon, I know you are thinking a lot about the hair. Some like to go get it done by a professional, while others like to do their own hair. Personally, for my wedding, I got off of work and did my own hair – with my moms help. I did a bunch of little braids put up in my hair and paired it with a beautiful clamp. Below, I am going to give you 7 wedding hairstyles for beautiful brides.

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With this one, you will be pulling your hair to the top of your head and putting it in a pony tail. Next, braid all of it and put a clear band at the end of it to hold the braid in. Now, wrap it around and make a bun. As you are wrapping, make sure it stays by using bobby pins. Tuck the end of it away. Now, find a beautiful pearl comb and put it right at the front of the bun so that it is visible when someone is looking head on with you. I always thought this was a beautiful style and you can do it yourself!


Long Smooth Curls

This style may be simple, but at the same time, it is attractive. You will have long layers of curls flowing through your hair. I think this is great for outside weddings and again, this one is the type you can do yourself – there is no need to pay anyone to do it, unless, off course, you want to.


Messy Romantic Updo (Bun)

This one consists of a messy bun style. It will look even more beautiful on hair that has colored streaks. Start by combing your hair. Pull the hair back and create a simple bun with a rubber band. Take out tiny hair strands on the sides. This is going to give the messy, yet romantic bun look. I think adding some dangling earrings and a beautiful hair accessory in there will be stunning.


Half Updo

The half updo has been popular for awhile now and it has not faded out one bit. I still think it is a very romantic updo. It works with wavy, curly and straight hair. Personally, I think it looks even better with some added curls in there. All you have to do is scoop the hair from the back, secure it and there you go. I would like to add a group of flowers up on the upper part.


Ponytail on the Side

This one is cute, but it only suits certain girls. Some girls also choose to wear it as a prom hairstyle. It is very easy to create. First, make your hair wavy, then side part your hair and tie it into a ponytail with a beautiful band. Place the ponytail over one shoulder. You can pull some hair down from the sides to make a soft look. This looks great if you have a strapless gown.


Fishtail Style

This is great for those that have long and thick hair. The fishtail braid instructions can be found online. For an even better look, place some jewels or little flowers in the braid.


Hair Band Style

There are many beautiful hair bands that you can use for a wedding. This is great if you do not have that much time to get ready. Style your hair with the curling iron and put a hairband on.

Those are 7 wedding hairstyles for beautiful brides that you can do at home. Do you have any other ideas?

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