4 Bridal Hairstyles That Work for Everyone ...


4 Bridal Hairstyles That Work for Everyone ...
4 Bridal Hairstyles That Work for Everyone ...

I saw some lovely bridal hairstyles **on Martha Stewart Weddings and thought, "What classic bridal looks would work for every bride that wouldn't go out of style?" I found four beautiful looks that are great for **short hair, long hair, curly, and ethnic, which one works best for you....

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Bridal Braids...

Bridal Braids... Photo: MarthaStewartWeddings

I love** brides with braids **and really wanted a braid in the front of my hair, but it wasn't long or thick enough to look as good as this bridal model. So I inspired my stepdaughter (bridesmaid) to get a side braid like the one above and we all loved it! Braids add a whimsical look and can be a great **wedding **day **hairstyle **for brides with curly and frizzy hair.


Short & Retro...

Short & Retro... Photo: MarthaStewartWeddings

Brides with **short hair **might believe they don't have many options to go with. But there are lovely looks out there for everyone. If you're planning a retro theme **wedding **why not go glam with **wavy locks **and a red lip. This is a gorgeous style that works well with short hair and will stay classic for years to come.


Side Pony...

Side Pony... Photo: Hair Romance

Another hairstyle **that I love is the **side ponytail, especially when brides add a romantic **flower. **A birdcage veil and a short wedding dress could complete this bridal look. Will you have flowers in your hair on your big day?


Half up & Half down...

Half up & Half down... Photo: WeddingBellsBlog

By now everyone has seen photos from theRoyal Wedding, if you haven't then you must live under a rock! But since you have then you'll agree how stunning and classic Kate Middleton's hair looked under her beautiful veil and crown. She usually wears her hair down, so going with a half up, **half down hairstyle **was very suiting for a bride who doesn't like to wear her hair in an updo. She may have stayed with a traditional look, but she blew me away with her wedding day beauty and that will never go out of style!

What hairstyle is right for your wedding day look?

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I love the braid hairstyle! I would like to wear that one anytime!

I adore the braids and the side pony. Both look totally romantic. Hugs and kisses, sunshine

I am crazy over braids, so I would definitely want my hairstyle to feature a few well-placed ones! :)

I always wear my hair down and wild, so I'm either going to do a super-wavy version of that or go the Kate way and do a half-up, half-down for under the hair wreath I made. I love that short 'do. I'd totally go flapper bride if I had short hair.

These are fabulous! I'm loving those braids and Kate's simple hairstyle. Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

These are all so pretty. I am a big fan of braids too! Also, thanks for your kind words on my announcement the other day:-)

LOVE the retro one!

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