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Returning your wedding gifts can be a difficult decision to make. You may feel guilty if you return a wedding gift. But the truth is that the gift is yours and it is your decision to make. These are 7 times when you should consider returning your wedding gifts and there are others, too. I hope it offers you some reassurance in your decision to keep or return a wedding gift.

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You Have Duplicates

One time you should consider returning your wedding gifts is if you have duplicates. You should never feel obligated to keep a duplicate of a gift. After all, you can only really use one of something unless it would be something like towels or another item that you actually need multiples of. Returning a duplicate gift will enable you to get other things that you and your new husband can enjoy together. An advantage when you are in this situation is that because you still have one of the item, the gift giver never needs to know that you returned the gift.


You Really Hate It

If you truly hate a wedding gift, you should return it. If you are going to feel sad or awkward every time you look at it, take it back and get something that you do like. Most people would agree that when they purchase a gift, they are trying to get you something you like. And most people would rather you return it and get something you do like than see you keep something you don’t. Many people are even kind enough to enclose a gift receipt when they give you the gift to make returning it easier.


It Doesn’t Go with Anything

What are you to do if you have chosen colors of sage and white for your home and someone gets you a gift that is in bright reds and purples? Return it and feel no guilt about it. If something doesn’t go with your décor, it is absolutely acceptable to return it for something that does. A lot of gifts are blessedly chosen with neutral colors in mind but if some of them aren’t, you shouldn’t feel badly about exchanging them. Something you might consider doing is getting the same item in a color that does match so that it is still similar to their choice of gift for you.


It Isn’t Practical

Sometimes you receive a gift that you know you will never use. For example, someone might get you a bread making machine and you need to eat gluten free foods. If it is a gift that just doesn’t fit into your life, exchange it for something that does. There is no need to keep something that doesn’t work for you when you could choose something that would. To keep a gift that will never be used rather than exchanging it for one that would be used would be a wasteful choice.


You Have Something Very Similar

Perhaps you received two wedding gifts that are not exactly the same but are very similar. If that is the case, go ahead and exchange it. After all, who really needs two very similar sets of pans or other items? This is actually a very smart choice so that you can cover more of your new home’s needs. Many people choose to return gifts in order to have more things that they truly need for their home, rather than keeping similar things they have no need of.


It Isn’t Your Taste

Sometimes you just get a gift that isn’t your taste at all. You may wonder what the gift giver was even thinking when they purchased it for you. In such a case, return the gift. Your new home together should reflect your taste as a couple and if it doesn’t fit that, it doesn’t belong there. Choose something together that you both love for your home.


You Don’t like the Gift Giver

You know, sometimes you just receive a gift that you can’t make yourself care for because you don’t like the person who gave it to you. Every time you look at it, it makes you think of them. If it truly makes you feel unhappy, why not return it to the store? Of course, as with any of these, it is a wise idea to check with your new husband before you return things. And you should probably skip this tip if the gift was from your mother-in-law or another close, newly acquired relative.

These are 7 times when you may want to choose to return a wedding gift. What other reasons do you think a wedding gift should be returned? I can’t wait to read your responses.

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I disagree it is extremely rude to return the wedding gifts. Rather dont accept it at the first place

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