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Be prepared to smile uncontrollably with this selection of best wedding dance videos! There’s nothing sweeter than watching brides, grooms, mums, dads and guests surprise each other with some epic dance moves. Having a laugh on such a special day is wonderful, and these best wedding dance videos are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

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Mother & Son Moves

Weddings are emotional for mothers, as they’re watching their babies grow up and start lives of their own. However, there are no tears coming from this mum! This mother and son duo absolutely tear up the dance floor with this crazy mashup of everything from Psy to Michael Jackson. These two have their dance moves perfected, and this is definitely one of the best wedding dance videos.


Fancy Footwork

You know something is up when the groom suddenly takes off his jacket in the middle of his wedding dance! Before you know it, they’re dancing to old school music, reggae and everything in between, showing off their amazing dancing skills. The two look like they’re having the time of their lives, and it’s oh so sweet.


What Makes You Beautiful

The bride in this video did not see this coming! Her new husband surprises her with a dance routine to What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction, involving the groom’s friends and even his seriously adorable little nephew. If you’re looking for a wedding dance video that’s got some serious “awww!” factor, then this is the one!


Groovy Groomsmen

All I can say is these guys must have been practising for weeks - they have their moves down! These five groomsmen don’t hesitate to break the “manly” stereotype and whip out the most hilarious wedding dance! Even the groom gets up for a surprise performance. Unfortunately, the bride seems more mortified than entertained!


Fake Malfunction

The first couple of minutes of this video will bring tears to your eyes, but after that you’ll be really crying - with laughter! The bride and her father stage a terrible malfunction of the music equipment to transition perfectly into a totally unconventional father-daughter wedding dance. The two look so happy, it’s hard not to smile along with them.


Bridesmaids Vs. Groomsmen

What is a wedding without a, erm, dance off? To the surprise off all the guests, a dance off breaks out between the bride and her friends, and the groom and his. In all honesty, the guys win this one hands down as they certainly don’t hold back, but this is a really entertaining video showing how much fun you can really have with a wedding dance.


Mrs. Smith

This video shows just how much fun a girl can have with her bridesmaids on her wedding day. These five bridesmaids and the bride tear up the dance floor in a surprise performance. The most important part, however, is right at the end - just wait until you see it! This is one wedding dance that is simple, yet perfectly creative.

I hope these amazing wedding dance videos made you smile and laugh, as they did me! I love seeing people happy and having fun at weddings, as they’re such a wonderful and special occasion. Sometimes it’s good to change it up a bit and be silly! Did you do a funny wedding dance at your wedding?

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