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7 Non-Traditional Bridal Shower Ideas ...

By Teresa

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, non-traditional bridal shower ideas are everywhere right now. It seems like everywhere I turn these days, people are getting married and having babies. As a result, I’ve spent a lot of time at showers, as well as a lot of time looking at pictures of showers on social media. I’ve seen traditional, and I’ve seen not so traditional. Whether you’re looking for a completely fresh and unheard of idea, or simply a weekend trip with your favorite girls, you’ll find the perfect non-traditional bridal shower idea for you!

1 Bridal Open House

I recently heard about this idea and I’m pretty sure it was created by a genius. If you’re from the Midwest, you know what open houses are. If not, they’re basically graduation parties that are “open,” meaning you can come and go as you please. Congratulate the graduate, drop off a gift, get some food, mingle, and then head out. Imagine this, but instead for a bridal shower. It's without a doubt my favorite non-traditional bridal shower idea. If you’re a bride who’s not big on shower games or over-enthusiastically thanking people for gifts while your guests look on bored, this may be the perfect alternative for you. Your guests will love that they’re not stuck at your shower for four hours of their Sunday afternoon, and you’ll love the freedom from tradition!

2 A Weekend Trip

If your bridal party is small, or you simply want to go on a trip with your mom and sisters, this is the perfect alternative for you. Take a weekend trip to somewhere, whether it’s close by or across the country. I recently saw a bride spend a weekend in Las Vegas with her mom and sister rather than have a bachelorette party. If extravagant parties aren’t really your thing, a weekend trip with your favorite girls may be your favorite thing!

3 Take a Class

Take a class with your bridesmaids! Learn something new together! You could learn how to bartend, how to dance, or even how to do yoga. Pick an activity that you know you’d love, and go have a blast with your girls!

4 Go Co-Ed

If you’re feeling an obligation to host a shower, but don’t want to endure the fun on your own, go co-ed. Invite men, but most specifically your fiancé. You could go as simple as a cook-out, or you could incorporate bridal shower games and fun into your co-ed shower! Your fiancé will be so happy to join in on the fun!

5 Spa Party

You could try this out with your bridesmaids, or you could go as big as including everyone you’d invite to your bridal shower. Rather than play typical bridal shower games, relax. There are so many companies willing to do at-home spa days, so it’s the perfect option if you’re looking for something unique and stress-free!

6 Throw a Pool Party

If you’re really looking for something fun to try instead of a typical bridal shower, throw a pool party! You could go co-ed, or stick with your girls only, but either way, you’ll have a blast! It’s much more relaxed and easy-going than the typical bridal shower, and I promise you that your guests will thank you for it!

7 Do Something You Love with People You Love

I know someone who got married recently who loves SUP boarding. In lieu of a bridal shower, she and a group of her friends went SUP boarding, and I still think it’s one of the coolest bridal shower alternatives I’ve seen lately. Pick something you love and get your friends involved for a night of good company and great laughs!

What’s your favorite non-traditional bridal shower idea? Let me know your favorite in the comments, whether I touched on it or not!

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