44 Amazing Wedding Photography Ideas to Copy ...


You guys might not know this, but I'm getting married in October and I'm constantly looking for wedding photography ideas to copy! With my wedding right around the corner, I thought that putting together a post of wedding photography ideas to copy was necessary! You girls ready to see what some of the most popular wedding photos are out there? Get your Pinterest board ready, here we go!

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Shoe & Rings

white,red,ring,jewellery,close up, Via Wedding

I love this picture! It's cute, it's unique and it's chic, especially if you love shoes! I'm definitely copying this wedding photography idea!


This text is describing a particular wedding photography idea, featuring a white and red ring jewelry close up. The idea is to use shoes and rings for a unique and chic wedding photography idea. This idea could be used in a variety of ways, such as having the bride and groom each wear a shoe and have the ring between them, or having the bride and groom each wear a ring and have the shoes in the background. The possibilities are endless!

This is a great idea for couples who want to add a bit of uniqueness to their wedding photos. It's also a great way to make a statement and show off the couple's personalities. The shoes and rings can be chosen to match the wedding theme, or to stand out from the crowd. The colors can also be chosen to match the wedding colors.

This idea can also be extended to include other accessories, such as jewelry, hats, and even props. This is a great way to add a bit of fun and creativity to the wedding photos. It can also be used to create a unique and memorable experience for the couple.


Sitting down

person,bride,woman,man,groom, Via Goodness... this pose. and grooms ...

I think that this one is so cute, just the way the couple is looking at each other and the pose!



performing arts,dance,team sport,ballet,performance art, Via 30 Super Fun Wedding Photo ...

You've got to say that this pose is adorable right? Love the play on YMCA!


Frame It up!

photograph,woman,wedding,ceremony,man, Via 42 Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo ...

Got kids? This is a great way for them to frame you! It's cute, super original and so easy to copy!


Funny Photos

bride,wedding,groom,ceremony,event, Via Brides-Book.com- Wedding Planning, Local Wedding ...

This photo is so, so cute and a great way to incorporate your wedding party in a cool wedding kiss!


This paragraph is discussing a photo from a wedding blog called Brides-Book.com. The photo shows a bride and groom sharing a kiss while their wedding party holds up a sign that says "Yay!" This is a fun and creative way to incorporate the wedding party into the couple's special moment. The photo was chosen as one of the 44 amazing wedding photography ideas to copy, which is a helpful resource for brides-to-be looking for inspiration for their own wedding photos. The blog focuses on women and provides tips and ideas for wedding planning, making it a valuable resource for anyone in the midst of wedding planning.


Thank You

bride,photograph,clothing,wedding dress,woman, Via Bridal Fashion, Wedding Blog: Creative ...

Are you not even done with your wedding and thinking about the Thank You cards? Pull it together with this photo idea!



fashion accessory,locket,font,silver, Via Wedding Ideas We Love

I'm all about the details and this amazing photo is a great detail! You can even use this one if you have nicknames for each other!



woman,romance,interaction,groom, Via Wedding Photography

What wedding album is complete without a few silhouette shots! I love, love, love this one!


Silhouettes are a beautiful and timeless addition to any wedding album. They can capture the romantic and intimate moments between a couple in a way that no other type of photography can. Silhouettes can also be used to create a dramatic effect, making them a great way to make your wedding photos stand out.

Silhouettes are created by taking a picture of a person or object with the background completely blacked out. This is done by using a large aperture setting on the camera and shooting with the sun behind the subject. This allows the subject to be in focus while the background is kept dark.

When taking silhouette photos, it is important to consider the background. The background should be a solid color such as black or white, and should not contain any patterns or distractions. This will help to create a strong contrast between the subject and the background.

When posing for a silhouette, it is important to keep the pose simple and natural. Try to avoid having your subjects do anything too complicated or unnatural. Natural poses will help to create a more romantic and intimate feel to the photo.



bride,woman,wedding dress,groom,dress, Via Weddings.

I love the way that this photo looks! The groom picking up his bride and keeping her close – so adorable!


The Walk

photograph,ceremony,bride, Via annikametsla.com

The venue that I'm getting married at has a walk just like this – and I love this photo!


Classic Car

photograph,bride,car,man,wedding, Via Wedding Inspiration: Adrienne and Sean's ...

I love incorporating the classic car into this shot!


Kids & Kissing

person,people,man,groom,ceremony, Via *LoVe lOvE*

Of course, if you have little ones, they don't want to see you kissing! This is a cute way to include the kids in the photos!



arm,hand,finger, Via Before the Wedding Photo Ideas ...

I love, love, love this photo! It's so different and I love the way they both have their hands on the knob!


Over the Shoulder

human action,person,nose,mouth,interaction, Via If I knew how to ...

The peeking of the bride in this photo is so cute! I love the way she is clinging to her new husband too!


This photo illustrates a beautiful moment between a newly married couple. The bride is seen peeking over her husband's shoulder while he looks away, and her expression is one of joy and contentment. The couple is embracing each other in a loving way, which is a beautiful reminder of the love that two people can share.

The photo was taken during a wedding ceremony, and the couple in the photo is likely the bride and groom. This is a popular pose for wedding photos as it captures the newlywed couple's intimate connection. It is also a great way to capture the emotions of the day, as the couple's love for each other is clearly visible in the photo.

The photo was taken in an outdoor setting, and the couple is surrounded by lush greenery. The light of the sun casts a warm glow over the photo, adding to its romantic atmosphere. The photo is a great example of wedding photography, and it is sure to be a cherished memory for the couple for years to come.


Laying down

human action,hair,person,image,photography, Via How to Get Your Ex ...

This photo is extremely classic, looks great and I love the fact that their eyes are closed!


Black & White

photograph,black and white,man,photography,bride, Via m.bridalguide.com

You can't have a wedding photo album without having a few black and white photos! This photo of the bride in the lap of her groom is absolutely adorable!


One Arm

photograph,man,woman,male,groom, Via bloom

This one is sweet just the way they are clinging, the back to front look – it's adorable!


Sweet Romance

bride,person,woman,man,wedding dress, Via California Winter Wedding by Bustle ...

The romantic photos are some of my favorites and this one has got to top them all!


Heart Dress

white,human positions,sculpture, Via <3 weddings

I love, love, love this picture! It's so different and making a heart out of the train of your dress? Original!


This stunning snapshot truly takes the cake for creativity! With the dress's train artistically shaped into a heart, it's not just a photo; it's a work of art. Imagine looking back on this moment, captured so uniquely, reminding you that your love is the centerpiece of your big day. It's all about those whimsical touches that make your celebration distinctly you. Brides-to-be scouring for that special something for their photo album, take note—this is how you make a statement!


All Wrapped up

photograph,woman,person,bride,man, Via My Wedding

I actually really love this picture, the way the groom is clinging to his bride? Amazing!



woman,person,ceremony,floristry,bride, Via Wedding stuff

For me, I don't have any bridesmaids, but this picture, if you have a bigger wedding party is a great idea! I love the mirror, love the energy and it's cute!


Back Photo

person,wedding dress,woman,bride,clothing, Via A Timeless Blush-and-Gold Wedding in ...

Back photos are some of my favorites and this photo doesn't disappoint at all! It's pretty incredible!


The past

bride,photograph,woman,man,wedding, Via 42 Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo ...

This is a heartfelt photo that is so easy to recreate as long as you have a picture from your parent's wedding. I love the concept and idea!


Winter Wedding

photograph,bride,person,woman,man, Via Ampersand Sign - 15 Inch ...

Winter weddings can be so, so pretty and this is just one example of how to use the snow as a backgrounds!


Bridesmaids & Kissing

man,ceremony,groom,bride,wedding, Via Fun wedding photo ideas

Your wedding should be all about kissing and this photo is an uber cute way to pull it off!


Night Time

black,blue,darkness,light,night, Via Gallery & Inspiration | Picture ...

Ah, I love, love this amazing photo! It's in the moonlight and the lighting just on the couple looks awesome!


Night time is a popular time for wedding photography. The dark sky and the twinkling stars can create a romantic atmosphere that is perfect for capturing special moments between the bride and groom. The use of moonlight can also lend a beautiful and ethereal feel to the photos.

When taking night time photos, it is important to make sure that the couple is well lit. This can be done by using a combination of natural and artificial light sources. Natural light sources such as the moon and stars can add a dreamy feel to the photos, while artificial lights such as flashlights and candles can help to add depth and texture to the photos. It is also important to choose the right shutter speed and aperture to ensure that the photos are properly exposed.

When taking night time photos, it is also important to consider the background. A beautiful landscape or cityscape can help to create a stunning backdrop for the couple. If the couple is standing in front of a lake or a beach, the reflection of the moon or stars in the water can add a magical touch to the photos.



person,sense,hand,interaction, Via 22 Wedding Photo Ideas & ...

This wedding photo is so different! Having the photographer on the ground and walking over him? So cool!


Kiss, Kiss!

photograph,bride,woman,person,photography, Via Bridal Fashion, Wedding Blog: Creative ...

This wedding photography idea is one I've seen around quite a bit and it's so easy to recreate and so different!


Tiny Bride

white,photograph,human positions,person,man, Via 42 Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo ...

This is definitely one of those photography tricks that is so cool! What do you think?


Animal Lovers

finger,nail,hand,skin,leg, Via 42 ideas para fotos de ...

If you are anything like me, your dogs are your babies! This is a great way to include them in your wedding!


This text is about wedding photography ideas that animal lovers can consider to include their furry family members in their wedding photos. The image accompanying the text shows a close-up of a hand and leg with a manicured nail, suggesting that the animal lover in question may be a dog owner.

Including pets in wedding photos is a great way to add a unique touch to a special day. It can also be a way to honor a pet that has passed away, or to commemorate a special bond between the couple and their pet. There are a variety of creative and fun ways to include pets in wedding photos, such as having them wear a special accessory like a bow tie or a flower crown, or having them pose with the couple for a romantic portrait.

When it comes to taking photos with pets, it's important to make sure that the pet is comfortable and safe. Make sure that the pet is familiar with the photographer and the surroundings, and that they are not being forced to do anything that makes them uncomfortable. Additionally, it's important to have someone on hand to look after the pet in case they become overwhelmed or need a break.


Flower Girl

wedding dress,dress,clothing,bridal accessory,bridal clothing, Via pinterest.com

I thought this picture was so adorable. The flower girl looking dreamy up at the bride's wedding dress – priceless!


Flower Girls Have It

photograph,person,woman,bride,people, Via 200+ Emotional Wedding Moments

Having kids at a wedding is so cute and this is one of those photos that can make anyone's heart melt!


The Heart

ceremony,farm, Via Lily The Wandering Gypsy

If you want to get your guests involved in the photos, why not have them form a heart? How cute is that?


In the Tree

person,woman,bride,ceremony,interaction, Via Bride and Groom Portraits

This photo is so romantic and I love all of the weeping willow branches around them!


Simple & Classic

photograph,person,woman,bride,man, Via Wedding Things

This is a photo that is so classic and so simple and that's why I love it!


Wedding Party!

human action,hair,person,finger,mouth, Via 21 Wedding Photo Ideas for ...

While the wedding is all about the bride and groom, how cool is this picture of the bridesmaids? So adorable!


Rings Photo

flower,flora,plant,insect,land plant, Via pinterest.com

I've constantly looking for a way to display my rings that is different and this has got to be the one! I love the flower, love the way it's upside down and it's so different!


Tinker Bell

person,woman,man,bride,dress, Via Photo Ideas For The Big ...

If you are looking for a way to really have fun with your photos, this way is it! How cute is that?



photograph,man,male,ceremony,groom, Via Capturing-A-Memory, LLC Photography

This is another version of kissing with your wedding party in the background – is so cute!


Rings Have It

hand,finger, Via Unique Wedding Photo Ideas - ...

I actually think this one is one I'm going to copy! How unique and cool is this photo?


Unique Thank You

bride,woman,wedding dress,dress,groom, Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

This is another Thank You wedding photo, but I love the letters and totally love the kiss!


The Girls

dance,wedding dress,sports,fashion,dress, Via 21 Wedding Photo Ideas for ...

I love when the photographer is taking pictures looking up! This one is so cool and unique!


Thank You 2

bride,photograph,clothing,wedding dress,woman, Via The Big Day Photos

This is another couple that was thinking of their Thank You cards during their wedding – I just love the banner and the way that they look!


The Look

bride,woman,photograph,person,bridal accessory, Via danielkuykendall.com

Wrapping up the groom in your veil is something that most brides do, but I love the look of this couple!

Now that you have seen all of the different wedding photos to copy, what are some of your faves? Share 'em with me!

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I love the silhouette photos :) not a major fan of kissing photos, holding poses mean more to me when done right :)

Great photo ideas! Beautiful and lovely!

Kissing pictures are and always will be tacky.

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