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Wedding trends come and go, but a vintage theme never goes out of style. First of all, congrats on your upcoming nuptials. Now it's time to get the planning done. Starting with a theme can help you create the wedding of your dreams. Not sure it's right for you? You'll probably change your mind once you see these vintage ideas.

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Vintage Table Decor

Vintage Table Decor Source: DIY vintage inspired wedding: Liz


Adorable Hanging Flowers

Adorable Hanging Flowers Source: Dainty Pink Vintage Wedding Inspiration


Birdcages Are Perfect

Birdcages Are Perfect Source: Vintage Weddings At Orchard Ridge


Outdoor Vintage Wedding

Outdoor Vintage Wedding Source: tumblr vintage wedding ideas


Vintage Wedding Clothes

Vintage Wedding Clothes Source: tumblr vintage wedding ideas


Check out This Look

Check out This Look Source: pretty little wedding things


Pink is the Perfect Vintage Color

Pink is the Perfect Vintage Color Source: Pink vintage wedding ideas Spring


Table Settings

Table Settings Source: Past to Present: Timeless Vintage


Clear Dishes and Lots of Flowers

Clear Dishes and Lots of Flowers Source: Amazing Ideas for the Perfect


Thrift Store Finds Are Perfect

Thrift Store Finds Are Perfect Source: Rustic, Vintage Wedding Ideas


Rent a Vintage Car

Rent a Vintage Car Source: 17 Vintage Wedding Getaway Cars


Pearls and Pink

Pearls and Pink Source: DIY Vintage Wedding Ideas for


Use Soft Lighting

Use Soft Lighting Source: French Vintage splendor wedding at


Delicate Vintage Cupcakes

Delicate Vintage Cupcakes Source: Vintage Wedding Cupcakes Jamie Bakes


Lots of White and Tons of Crystal

Lots of White and Tons of Crystal Source: vintage wedding photography orlando photographers


Perfect Photo Op

Perfect Photo Op Source: tumblr vintage wedding ideas


Vintage Color Scheme

Vintage Color Scheme Source: Vintage wedding party dresses —

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