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The Most Romantic Wedding Trends Killing It on IG Right Now ...

By Heather

Even though my wedding was in October 2014, I still am obsessed with all of the different wedding trends out there. Wedding season is coming up girls and you'll want to know all of the different trends out there, especially right now! Let's see what Instagram has got!

1 Pretty Petals

2 Boho Chic Shoes


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3 MOB Handkerchief

4 The Best Finger Foods

5 Insta Treats

6 Wedding Paintings

7 All the Braids

8 Heart Confetti

9 Beautiful Bouquets

10 These Close-up Photos

11 From the Back

12 All the Food Options

13 Chalk Paint Looking Cakes

14 This Grooms Cake

15 All the Cake Quotes

16 Frames + Kids = Beautiful Photos

17 Pretty, Perfect Invites

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