Superb Tips for a Painless Wedding Any Bride to Be Needs ...


Superb Tips for a Painless Wedding Any Bride to Be Needs ...
Superb Tips for a Painless Wedding Any Bride to Be Needs ...

I'm here with some tips for a painless wedding.

After being a florist and wedding director for a number of years, a few things stick in your mind. Not all weddings are created equal and not all weddings are painless. Weddings, like other family events, can create havoc and bring out the best and worst in people. I would like to give you a few pointers to make it as painless as possible. It is my hope that some of these tips for a painless wedding may even help make it a joyous event.

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Make Sure the Dresses Are Appropriate

I have seen quite a few “wardrobe malfunctions”! One wedding consisted of five gorgeous gals in pale pink gowns. The gowns were pretty with spaghetti straps. The gowns were clingy in all the right places. The girls were all, except the maid of honor, in their early twenties and slender beauties. They collectively decided that a thong was better than having a panty line and granny panties stuck out like a sore thumb. Are you aware how hard it is to find a full length slip for gowns such as this? Does a full length strapless slip exist?

As it turns out, it really didn’t matter, every fellow at the wedding said it was the best wedding they ever attended. The lighting in the church served as a backlight and those gowns were see through. Things went on with a glitch and those pretty gals were none the wiser until weeks later. Making sure the dresses aren't giving everyone a peep show is one of my top tips for a painless wedding.


Don't Have a Sock Crisis

Then there was the groom who looked like a bumble bee. He was so handsome, dark skin, black hair, black eyes and a white tuxedo. My first thought, my goodness, how youthful, how dapper, one trip down the aisle minutes before the wedding revealed striped tube socks. They showed through as though looking through a window pane. After a check of all his buddies and father, father of the groom and the loan of white socks the crisis was averted.


Beach Wedding Flowers Should Be Silk

A beach wedding is a beautiful, romantic affair with rolling waves, the seascape...and utter chaos! If a beach wedding is your dream give some thought to using silk flowers. The air from the sea and the constant wind really take a toll on fresh blooms. It is best to use a wired ribbon because the moisture causes other choices, such as burlap, to droop and not hold up well.

Also hair, makeup, shoes and old folks don’t tend to hold up well in this setting. Most of the time vows, music, etc, can’t really be enjoyed because of the noise of the sea. A dear friend of mine decided to go with sky lanterns. I love them, I think they are wonderful. When I pass away I hope it's winter so they can be launched. At the beach it is so windy that they are really like a rogue drone. I was never more thankful for youth when a groomsmen jumped a hedge and stomped out the fire before it could catch the pampas grass at the next door condo on fire.


Be Realistic with Your Bouquet

There are many types of bouquets for the bride. Fresh flowers are always gorgeous and they hold up reasonably well as long as they are properly conditioned. It is important to be realistic in your choices. Roses in an arrangement on a hot day or a frigid day may get nipped or may droop. Cala lilies are gorgeous, but bear in mind that those huge stems are liquid filled and drip down onto the most gorgeous of gowns. In a bouquet you can escape that because they are well seated in foam leaving your dress more protected.

Another option is the brooch bouquet. These can be beautiful, clear and sparkling or an array of favorite colors. A dear friend celebrating forty years of marriage renewed her vows. Imagine how special it was when we collected brooches from all her friends and family and she carried all those family treasures to the altar.


The Cake Topper Can Be Pretty Much Anything

A wedding cake done in stark white can be decorated with family brooches and pieces as well. Imagine what it meant to my daughter for her grandmothers watch to sit atop her wedding cake on her special day. A brooch bouquet is something that keeps forever and ever. The brooch bouquet can be passed down, if kept dust free in a case. Tulips and other flowers with hollow stems are best done in a hand tied bouquet without a form. The stems of tulips and daffodils are hollow and are best kept standing in a vase of water and wiped down before that trip down the aisle.


Pay Attention to the Aisle Runner

Enough about flowers, let's get to the aisle runner. I detest aisle runners and that is an understatement. Heels get caught in them, they wrinkle, they sound like walking on trash. In short, they can ruin the best laid plans. I can’t count how many times the groomsmen couldn't get them to unroll. The rope that is attached crimps the edges and restricts the aisle runner from unrolling. Better options are aisles lined with petals or flowers. For a winter wedding, fiber fill with white lights under it is a good option. Lights work especially well when folks can enter from the other end of the aisle. Tree branches painted white with clear glitter glued to them and white lights can be a magical look for a winter wedding back drop.


Don't Forgo the Wedding Planner

Whatever your plans are be sure that you have a wedding coordinator to make your dream day a reality. A forceful wedding coordinator can carry out YOUR wishes and squash the wishes of your sister, your pushy best friend, or the, “Monster-In-Law”. I witnessed one Monster-in-Law take credit for the entire wedding while the bride's mom looked on in horror.


Make Your Wishes Known

A picture is worth a thousand words. Take pictures to your consultations and if you're very detail oriented stress that you would rather your florist, baker, hair stylist not deviate from your wishes by using the pictures you provide.


Don't Just Choose Any Officiant

Your pastor or wedding officiant can also make or break your day. Be sure that their personality isn’t a direct clash with the things that are important to you and the values you hold dear.


You Don't Have to Go Broke

I've seen a beautiful tablescape made for as little as fifty dollars. We found odds and ends at flea markets and yard sales. We took Elmer's Glue and food coloring and dyed clear glass candle sticks to look like depression glass. The look was stunning! The glassware was then soaked in warm water afterward and is now wrapped in newspaper and stored, ready for the next event.


It Doesn't Have to Be Summer

Fall weddings lend themselves to a wonderful array of styles and colors. Outdoor weddings can be bountiful with potted mums and pumpkins and such. Indoor weddings can be gorgeous with an array of fall colors.

Think outside the box for bouquets. There are so many things available here. You can use wheat, pepper berries, lime green mums and burgundy roses to make up one of the prettiest color schemes in my memory. Pumpkins can be carved beautifully and used as table decor. Try using push pins with pearl ends to decorate pumpkins. Ribbon and lace can also make those pumpkins remind one of Cinderella's coach. Sugar coated fruit can also add to tablescapes. All the stress of decorating can be lessened if you plan ahead.

If things get to intense there are plenty of nerve medications on the market to get your through. Just kidding. However, don’t be afraid to enlist a lot of good help and advice from those who have gone before you. I hope this has been helpful and given you some insight into years of wedding planning, flower making and cake decorating. Happy wedding day!

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