Tips to Write Your Own Wedding Vows ...


Tips to Write Your Own Wedding Vows ...
Tips to Write Your Own Wedding Vows ...

The best wedding vows will create an emotionally charged ceremony that will elate your guests with your love and commitment. Transitioning from such an emotional ceremony will lead to a genuine celebration of you as couple at the reception. Bring on the cake and champagne! And perhaps the tequila shots? *giggles*

Your wedding vows are the special words that will unite you from a couple to family. They will also give a glimpse of how unique your relationship is to all the guests attending the wedding ceremony. That’s why I think it is important for each couple to write their own wedding vows. All it need are some tips to help your creativity flow. Here's how to write your own wedding vows.

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Keep Notes

Start early on by jotting down notes about your relationship, such as highlights, milestones, how you built an emotional connection, when did you realize that he/she might be the one, how being apart made you miss him/her, what did you miss most. You could keep notes on your phone, your journal, or purchase a special vows notebook. Having these notes as a resource will help you personalize your vows when you start writing them. Every love story is different - your fiance, family, and friends will love hearing unique details of yours.


Read as Many Examples as Possible

Browsing though examples online is a great source of inspiration to create your own wedding vows. Get inspired by songs, favorite books or movies. Exploring different resources will help you choose the form and words that suit your style best. The examples will also make you consider the essence of what would you like your marriage to look like. What specific commitments you and your partner will use to create the foundation of your marriage. Take notes on specific elements you would like to use or possibly change up a bit. Spice up your vows with your own loving words and even humor, if you like.


Your Wedding Vows Are Your Promises of Commitment

Your vows are in the center of your marriage ceremony and they express promises and intent. They are a statement of how you and your partner are going to navigate your future life together, through good and bad. The most important oath is the intent to work hard at keeping these commitments for rest of your life. Your vows are possibly the most important promises you might ever make! Be genuine and put your heart into composing them.


When penning your vows, reflect on your journey together and what the future may hold. Consider the quirks and qualities that you admire in your partner, and how they've strengthened your bond. Infuse your words with personal anecdotes or inside jokes that encapsulate your relationship. Remember, these are not just formalities but the essence of your union, so take the time to make them deeply personal and true to who you are as a couple. Crafting your vows is a chance to verbalize the depth of your love and the strength of your commitment.


Keep Your Vows Short

From draft to draft, you might be tempted to describe many of the high and lows of your relationship, but ideally vows should be no more than 2 minutes. Think of including the major milestones and promises, the most important ones to you as a couple.


Practice Your Vows

Once you have your vows finished, it’s time to read them out loud and start practicing. All important speeches need to be rehearsed. Practice is important because it will give you the confidence in delivering your vows exactly the way you want them to sound - the tone of your voice, the intended pauses, the importance of your words. You can even record a video of yourself to use as a tool to improve your expression, stance, etc.

Your wedding vows are your intent of commitment and are possibly the most important promises you will make to someone. Because each couple is different, commitment priorities may vary depending on the foundation of the couple’s relationship. Some couples might want to base their marriage on a friendship commitment above all, others might admit their differences and resolve to support each other despite them. There are many wonderful traditional marriage vows that can be modified to create your unique vows. Although composing your own vows may seem like a difficult task, it is worth taking the time and effort to do it. They are not only a central part of the ceremony, but a resource of exploring marriage as a whole and what in particular you would like yours to look like.

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