Tips to Write Your Own Wedding Vows ...

The best wedding vows will create an emotionally charged ceremony that will elate your guests with your love and commitment. Transitioning from such an emotional ceremony will lead to a genuine celebration of you as couple at the reception. Bring on the cake and champagne! And perhaps the tequila shots? *giggles*

Your wedding vows are the special words that will unite you from a couple to family. They will also give a glimpse of how unique your relationship is to all the guests attending the wedding ceremony. That’s why I think it is important for each couple to write their own wedding vows. All it need are some tips to help your creativity flow. Here's how to write your own wedding vows.

1. Keep Notes

Start early on by jotting down notes about your relationship, such as highlights, milestones, how you built an emotional connection, when did you realize that he/she might be the one, how being apart made you miss him/her, what did you miss most. You could keep notes on your phone, your journal, or purchase a special vows notebook. Having these notes as a resource will help you personalize your vows when you start writing them. Every love story is different - your fiance, family, and friends will love hearing unique details of yours.