What You Should Know about save the Dates ...


What You Should Know about save the Dates ...
What You Should Know about save the Dates ...

After you’ve gotten engaged, then comes the fun part: planning the wedding. When it comes to creating the event of your dreams, you need to make sure you are inviting the people you want to share the day with. As part of this process, you need to consider sending save the dates.

These save the dates are an essential part of the wedding process, and they serve an incredibly important function. Adding these to your to-do list is important. Read on to find out why.

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Is It Necessary to Send save the Dates?

With everything else you have to do for your wedding, it seems like adding this to your list is unnecessary. However, these play an important role in letting your guests know about the good news and giving them plenty of time to plan for the upcoming nuptials. It is especially beneficial if they live out of town or you are planning a destination wedding.

The only people you need to send these announcements to be those who will be invited to the wedding. In general, proper etiquette says that if you are planning a destination wedding, and it occurs during peak travel season, then you should send out save the dates eight months to a year in advance. It gives everyone time to save up for the big event, as well as plan their travel arrangements and hotel accommodations.

If you are planning on keeping the wedding local, then it is advised that you send these announcements four months in advance. Again, this gives your guests time to plan and be prepared for the wedding.


What Information Should You Include?

When you send out save the dates, you need to make sure you are giving guests the proper information. Therefore, it is a good idea to include the date and location of your wedding. You might also want to add where you are registered and if there is a website that they can access online.

You can also consider including an email address, phone number, or home address so that people can get in touch with you if they have any questions. If you have created a website or social media page for your big day, you can send that information along as well.


How do You Send out save the Dates?

When it comes to sending save the dates , there are a variety of ways to send them. In this technologically advanced society, many people send these announcements through email. While this is acceptable, it’s also easy for the information to get lost in the recipient’s inbox.

Remember, you are sending these months in advance, and life changes in an instant. If you are looking for a way to remind people of your big day, consider putting this on a magnet. It is beneficial for two reasons:

- Everyone always needs more magnets

- When they put this on their fridge, they will always see it, which means the wedding will always be on their mind

It takes a lot to plan a wedding, and it can be an incredibly exciting time. Make sure all of your guests know about your upcoming celebration by sending save the dates. It gives them plenty of time to prepare for the event.

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