7 Things to Remember when Choosing Your Wedding Dress ...


7 Things to Remember when Choosing Your Wedding Dress ...
7 Things to Remember when Choosing Your Wedding Dress ...

When you need to choose a wedding dress it is easy to be overwhelmed. Getting married is a momentous occasion and naturally you want to look stunning. Knowing what style suits you, can be the most difficult aspect when you pick a wedding dress, plus there’s the age old question of white or not white. Knowing what to look for will help save you some stress and also some money. Here are 7 Things to Remember when Choosing Your Wedding Dress:

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Budget. Budget. Budget

Wedding dresses have a reputation for carrying exorbitant price tags and not without reason. Suddenly when you mention wedding, the price seems to double, and it can be so easy to get wrapped in that moment where your inner princess is clapping her hands like a 5 year old and telling you that you absolutely can’t leave without the dress. But be strong, if you like the style, chances are you can find a cheaper variant, but for a dress that will be worn for a few hours, it is not worth it to start your marriage with loads of debt. No-one will ever know how much your dress costs unless you tell them, so choose a wedding dress that makes you look a million bucks!


Is It You?

If you are a very plain and conservative dresser, don’t get something that makes you look like Barbie Island Princess. You will feel uncomfortable and out of your depth and it will show. Choose a wedding dress that reflects exactly who you are, just the more glamorous you. If you like bright colors, and way out styles go for it. When you walk down the aisle you want your groom to see the woman that he fell in love with, not a mirage of somebody you are not.


Will It Be Practical

Beautiful doesn’t always automatically translate into practical and you need to take into account that you will still need to dance, sit, go to the ladies during the wedding, and never mind still need to eat and breathe. This is not the dark ages, we don’t need to be corseted in, strapped up and girdled to within an inch of our lives. If you would like to choose a wedding gown with a long train, it will not be practical for the entire wedding so, go for a detachable train.


Makes Sure the Dress Fits You

All women are guilty of this, bride or not; we try things on and buy it, telling ourselves that we will lose that extra bit of weight to fit into it. But, it is not suggested that any bride goes that route when they buy a wedding dress. Make sure that you pick the right size when you get your dress, and in the event that you do lose some weight, you can have it altered closer to the wedding.


The Fabric

The fabric is an important factor when choosing a wedding dress. If you have a sensitive skin you may want to skip the lace, feathers or any other fabric that could cause an allergic reaction. The last thing you want to face is having a rash on your wedding day from an irritating fabric. Take into account the possibility that the fabric could make you hot and sweaty, and if you are getting married in summer, you really don’t want to have sweat patches on your wedding dress. If you are getting married in the middle of winter, go for a fabric that will not make you freeze to death.


Choosing the Color

These days just about anything goes, whether you want to follow a traditional route or go for a down right outrageous color. Whatever you choose, make sure that the color suits your skin tone. A stark white wedding dress is not for everyone, and can make you look sallow if your skin tone is not suitable. Vibrantly colored wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular, with some brides choosing a combination of traditional ivory with accents of red.


The Destination Wedding

When you choose a wedding dress, remember to take into account that if you traveling to a destination venue, your dress will need to travel with you. If the dress is exceptionally heavy, it could cost a fortune that you may not have bargained for. Also once you arrive on the other side you will need to unpack the dress and have it steamed or pressed. If you think it may not travel well, chances are it won’t.

Choosing a wedding dress is a special time in any bride’s life; just don’t buckle under pressure of expectations, and make sure that you get something you want and feel comfortable in. Any further tips to help AWS readers to find a wedding dress are most welcome. Thank you.

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How about figuring out if you will love the dress forever!

This is a great list! Another tip might be to keep an open mind - the style you envisioned may not be the best reality when you are trying dresses on. Don't limit yourself and you may be surprised to find that a style you hadn't even considered is absolutely perfect for you.

one more thing: keep in mind that the dress you choose most likely won't fit on your wedding day if it's fitting you right now. most of us either lose or gain a few pounds due to wedding preparation stress. remember that when picking a dress & try it on regularly to see if you have to get it altered while you still have time! (otherwise you might end up like me, constantly pulling your dress up cause it's too wide, doesn't have straps & even pins don't really help anymore)

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