7 Best Sites to Sell Your Used Wedding Dress ...

After two years of it just sitting in the closet, I finally took my wedding dress to the cleaners and posted it on a site where you can sell used wedding dresses. I have been thinking of selling it since the day after our wedding and thought a bride on a budget could really put it to good use. If you want to give your used gown a good home try one of these** 7 Best Sites to Sell Your Used Wedding Dress...**

1. Wedding Bee...

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Wedding Beeis a wonderful website where brides blog their own planning experiences and post about their DIY projects. There are message boards where you can talk to the bees and other brides to ask advice, get opinions, etc. and a classified section where you can sell your used wedding dress or even your mason jars you used for centerpieces. It's also a great way for brides on a budget to find used items; you can search for items you are looking for and find a bride close to your location who is selling what you're looking for or sell to a bride who is close to your location as well. There is no cost to use Wedding Bee or to list a used wedding dress.

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