20 Unusual Locations for a Wedding ...


20 Unusual Locations for a Wedding ...
20 Unusual Locations for a Wedding ...

Unusual locations for a wedding have grown increasingly popular in the last couple of decades. It seems it’s no longer enough to get married in your local church, city hall or at home but couples are on the lookout for unusual locations for a wedding. Did you know that in Britain until recent times, you could only get married in a church, a registry office or on board a ship? Now we Brits are embracing (and are allowed to) unusual locations to get married as much as anyone. If you want to cast tradition to the winds and celebrate your nuptials away from the norm, here are 20 Unusual Locations for a Wedding:

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Onboard a Yacht

Onboard a Yacht Okay maybe not most unusual loaction to get married, but it is defiantly different. Have all your guests sail off into the open sea, sipping Pimms in the salty summer breeze, and the bride arrives by speedboat (slowly, mind the hair style). Have the ceremony as the sun sinks over the horizon and party the night away under the moonlight.


Embrace the romance of the ocean as you exchange vows with the gentle lapping of waves creating a serene backdrop. A yacht offers a touch of luxury and exclusivity, ensuring a memorable experience for you and your guests. The deck can be transformed into an elegant venue adorned with flowers and fairy lights. Later, dine on gourmet cuisine prepared by an onboard chef, and dance to the rhythms of a live band or the yacht's state-of-the-art sound system. This sea-worthy venue promises a wedding that's both intimate and grand, leaving you with stories as boundless as the waters you're sailing on.


In a Zoo

In a Zoo The zoo is definitely a wacky place for a wedding, and although it will take some arranging with the relevant zoo keepers, you can be sure that you will have the most incredible photographs. Chances are that zoo keepers have not had a request such as yours before, so they will be keen and excited to put something like this together for you.


In an Art Gallery

In an Art Gallery Art lovers will love this suggestion; get married with your favourite artist as the backdrop to your ceremony. Your guests will be forgiven in thinking that they have walked right onto a movie set, and it will be a huge point of conversation at your wedding reception. Definitely an exciting and unusual venue for a wedding with a difference.


In a Brewery

In a Brewery Tell me now what groom is going to go for this unusual wedding venue? A fantastic destination for a steam punk themed wedding with all the brewery equipment in the background, and the men will be delighted to know that they can enjoy a nice cold beer straight after the ceremony, right from the brewery itself.


In a Wine Cellar

In a Wine Cellar A wonderful unusual venue for a wedding ceremony in a hot climate, as the cellar is normally very nice and cool. Stone walls provide a wonderful texture, transporting guests into another world, underground. Candles and soft lighting provide a romantic atmosphere to an intimate wedding ceremony.


In the Middle of a Traffic Roundabout

In the Middle of a Traffic Roundabout Believe it or not, this has actually been done before and has to be one of the most unusual locations for a wedding. For those couple who really want to make a dramatic statement, get your minister to perform your ceremony and you and your loved one can take your vows while the traffic whizzes past you. Definitely not everybody’s idea of a romantic setting, but it will definitely attract attention and could fast track you to the front page of the newspaper.


In a Harbor

In a Harbor Nothing like the smell of the sea and the wind flapping in flags and sails around you. A dramatic backdrop as the sun sets over the sea, but you may have to get permission from the right officials first. Lay fishing net on the floor and get your guests to swop their shoes for gumboots as you and your loved one make your way down the aisle. The end of the quay is a delightfully unusual location for a wedding and think of the pictures.


On a Motorbike Racetrack

On a Motorbike Racetrack This unusual wedding venue could be a dream come true for all those motorbike enthusiasts. The bride roars up the racetrack on the back of a motorbike, the bride and groom in leather clothing; it is like a day at the races with the only race being down the aisle. Bridesmaids could be paddock girls who hold massive umbrellas over the bride and groom - the possibilities are endless.


In a Museum

In a Museum Museums are normally in really old, interesting buildings, and although the shark display may not be your thing, the Egyptian showcase could be exactly what you are looking for. With so many varied photo opportunities your wedding photos could show you and your guests in countries from all over the world. In front of the dinosaur display must be one of the most unusual locations for a wedding – and you don’t even have to invite the T-Rex.


A Public Park

A Public Park Maybe not an unusual location, but it is definitely a quirky choice for a wedding. Public parks have some of the most beautiful scenery, and a few delicate umbrellas will keep the heat of day from overheating the guests. Choose a park with a lake that could be the backdrop of the ceremony. Let all your guests bring their dogs to the park and sit in picnic blankets.



Skydiving The pinnacle of unusual wedding locations, and a destination that is for the adventurous couple only. It will also sort out any family issues you are having, as the chances of having any guests at this intrepid wedding venue are like zero. Jump out a plane, grab hold of your beloved and you have a few seconds to scream your vows at each other before you have to open your chute.



Underwater This one is kind of cool, if you don’t mind the part about actually being able to hear your betrothed say I do, as that is not recommended if you are wearing diving or snorkelling apparatus. Obviously, this unusual location for a wedding ceremony is restricted to those that can breathe underwater! The photos will be incredible, the fish and coral and an entourage will truly be spectacular, but hang on tight to those wedding rings.


On Top of a Mountain

Another good wedding destination for those who would like to weed out squabbling family members - invite everyone then tell them they have to hike there. You may have to find a minister in your local hiking club, and the bride won’t have to spend so much money on wedding shoes, but the views from the top will definitely be worth it in the end.


At the Races

At the Races Horse racing enthusiasts will love this one. There are so many options at the horse track. You could have a high class day at the races themed wedding, complete with a high tea and lots of bubbly. Or go for a jockey style wedding, everybody in jodhpurs, chaps and riding gear; the world is your oyster.


In a Cave

In a Cave Not for the claustrophobic, a cave wedding is definitely one of the most uncommon wedding locations. Stalactites and stalagmites, pools of water, eerie lighting, candles and caverns could make for a very romantic setting, and will definitely be something very different. You will need to theme it up a bit; otherwise it could seem a bit scary.


At a Comic Book Store

At a Comic Book Store A comic book store is perfect for those couples who are still teenagers at heart. The bride and groom can dress in jeans and sneakers or as their favourite comic book characters. This unusual wedding venue will be in an arty, funky and fun atmosphere and will add a light hearted twist to a romantic and modern wedding.


In a Donut Store

In a Donut Store Sounds ridiculous? You would be surprised; there are actually a few donut stores that do regular weddings, so there is somewhat of a demand. But a donut shop is absolutely something different and will really take your guests by surprise. Get the donut shop to make a custom wedding cake with a tower of donuts for the guests to enjoy with a cold beer after the ceremony.


At the Theatre

At the Theatre Theatres make wonderfully unusual locations to get married. If you can hire your wedding attire straight from the theatre wardrobes, then, wow - even better. You could have any wedding you want here, get a choir to join you on stage or even splurge on a full orchestra to serenade you. Live out all your theatrical dreams of being on the stage, and what a way to make an entrance.


At an Aquarium

At an Aquarium The Aquarium is a seriously cool and unusual wedding venue; say your vows in front of the shark tank as the predators swim metres away from your ceremony or have the penguins join you and your guests for some aquatic fun. The wedding photographs will be incredible, just make sure that your photographer knows they will be inside at the aquarium.


In a Library

In a Library The library will be a book lover’s paradise for the ultimate dream wedding. Say your vows in front of rows and rows of your favourite authors. Big libraries are often in the most majestic buildings that are old, historic and interesting; it could be one of the most incredible settings for your dream nuptials.

The only limit for unusual wedding locations is your imagination. Out of these 20 Unusual Locations for a Wedding, which would you pick or maybe you have another suggestion?

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Aquarium and underwater, Imma water lover :)

I like the aquarium and the zoo they would be amazing and a wedding to remember

An Ice Rink!

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