9 Perfectly Romantic Places for a Proposal ...

When your man (or woman) pops the question, do you dare to hope that you’ll be in a dreamy setting in one of the world’s most romantic places for a proposal? This really would be a dream come true wouldn’t it? Not only is your partner asking one of the most important questions of your lives, but the location is perfect. If you think that special moment may be looming soon, it’s time to start dropping some hints as to where you think are the most romantic places for a proposal, and here are some ideas to light those passionate fires.

1. A Gondola in Venice

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Italy’s beautiful “City of Bridges” is the star of many a romance film, so why not add it to your romantic places for a proposal list? When better to drop to one knee and proclaim your everlasting love, than during one of the city’s famous gondola rides? You’d be with your partner on a serene trip through some of the most magical areas of Venice, all the while being serenaded by beautiful traditional Italian songs, before the big question is popped in real romantic Italian style.

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