10 Ways to Plan a Neon Wedding ...


10 Ways to Plan a Neon Wedding ...
10 Ways to Plan a Neon Wedding ...

Neon is every where these days; from colored pants and converse sneakers to arm and bag candy full of bright colors. The 80's are coming back and everyone from little girls to young men are rockin this fun and creative style. So why not celebrate the comeback of your favorite era with a neon wedding that includes pops of color in your wedding gown, your groom's tie and shoes, as well as chunky necklaces for your bridesmaids! Here are 10 Ways to Plan a Neon Wedding and pull it off with sophistication...

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Neon Wedding Invitations...

Neon Wedding Invitations... Source: Bellafigura

Your invitations don't have to scream "**neon wedding**" so your guests know what theme to expect, but they can whisper in an elegant way with a hint to your big day's theme. I love the subtle pops of color in these two fun yet sophisticated invitation designs. The polka dots in the Sarah Walroth design are adorable and the mix of hot pink and day-glo print in the Jessica Tierney design is the perfect way for you to share your neon wedding colors with your guests.


Neon Wedding Decor...

Neon Wedding Decor... Source: TrendyBride

A neon wedding doesn't have to mean that you are stuck in the 80's with glow sticks, jelly sandals, and fanny packs. As you can see from this lovely neon bridal shower photo shoot, neon can be classy and simple. You may be asking where you can get your own neon lanterns, but the trick here is DIY. Xiomara Roman from A Styled Fetespray painted the lanterns as well as the napkins to give them a glowing effect against the crisp white table linens and place settings.


Neon Wedding Dress...

Neon Wedding Dress... Source: JasonWuStudio

Can I fall in love with a dress...well I think I have! The color, the fit, the high-low skirt, the train; Jason Wu certainly knows how to make clothes for women and make them shine. I actually wish the model had on a different pair of shoes, perhaps the hot pink pair coming up in number 6! Be the show stopper on your neon wedding day in this gorgeous gown that will turn heads in a good way.


Neon Wedding Bouquet...

Neon Wedding Bouquet... Source: La Fleur Vintage

If you are looking for a neon wedding bouquet that will compliment and not fall short in standing out with your colorful gown, than look no further for inspiration. Every color in this stunning bouquet pops and stands out by itself, yet works so well together. I love how the mix of greens help to break up the color and give the flowers enough space to stand out on their own.


The use of vibrant hues in the neon wedding bouquet speaks to brides daring to be different. Each flower is carefully selected for its intense color and unique appeal, creating an effervescent burst of shades that light up the whole arrangement. It's important to balance such bold choices with simpler elements, ensuring that the bouquet enhances rather than overshadows the bridal look. The greens add a fresh touch, acting as a palate cleanser in the vivid sea of neons. It's this harmonious yet electric blend that can set a daring bride apart, making her special day as unforgettable as her bouquet.


Neon Wedding Accessories...

Neon Wedding Accessories... Source: BaubleBar

This chunky green beaded necklace is a fun piece if you are thinking of wearing a white gown and just want your jewelry to capture the glow of your theme. You don't have to be head to toe neon for your neon wedding, remember less is always more. It would also be a great accessory for your bridesmaids as they walk down the aisle in hot pink or day-glo.


Neon Wedding Shoes...

Neon Wedding Shoes... Source: Nordstrom

Now that you see how amazing and sexy this hot pink heel is, wouldn't it be perfect to wear with the neon green Jason Wu gown?! It also comes in a more muted tone of neon yellow for brides who are just looking for a subtle hint of color under their gown. But even if your theme was something other than a neon wedding, this hot pink heel by ALDO would be a fun pop of color to have peaking out.


Groom's Neon Wedding Accessories...

Groom's Neon Wedding Accessories... Source: Urban Outfitters

Speaking of subtle hints of color, your groom might not love wearing brights and neon as much as you do so go easy on him. Why not let your husband-to-be wear something more toned down like this striped neon pink tie from Urban Outfitters. On the other hand if your guy wants to be bold, go all out with neon pink or green converse for him and his groomsmen and let them walk down the aisle in funk and style!


Neon Wedding Cake...

Neon Wedding Cake... Source: Offbeat Bride

Is this neon, paint splattered wedding cake not amazing! This is where my inspiration for this post began. How could you not be inspired by an incredibly fun, bright, funky wedding cake like this one. Not only was this a neon wedding, but it was also an 80's rock party theme with vinyl records, an 80's cover band, mixed tapes and CDs, and more! Be sure to stop by Offbeat Brideto see the complete details!


Neon Bridesmaids...

Neon Bridesmaids... Source: Nordstrom

Hot pink is a wonderful color for a spring or summer neon wedding and a pretty pink dress like this one will be one your bridesmaids will love wearing to other events after your big day. With a one shoulder dress like this they won't need a chunky neon necklace, but a pair of day-glo earrings or bracelet would be a lovely accessory to gift your girls with.


Neon Wedding Favors...

Neon Wedding Favors... Source: Urban Outfitters

Sunglasses are always a cool favor to give to your guests and one they will love using, but what could be better at a neon wedding than having everyone wear their neon shades at the end of the night! Rock out to 80's tunes, hop in the photo booth, and pose in your neon sunglasses for an ever lasting memory of a bright and funky, yet sophisticated and classy wedding!

Your neon wedding can be crazy and funky with neon lights, glow sticks, and a wedding party decked out from head to toe in neon if that is your style. But it can also be funky with a side of simplicity with little hints of neon if you want a more toned down theme. You can go all out and really rock your neon wedding in an 80's era fashion or you can bring the 80's to modern sophistication with lots of white and only pops of color here and there. No two neon weddings will look a like and that's the fun part of planning a wedding and looking for inspiration.

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Thank you for the article, it's very nice! Having a neon wedding would be amazing, especially that neon is very spread this summer! We find it everywhere. I don't know if I'll still be into this when I'll get married (don't know when :p) but if I will, I'll definitely give a shot !

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