7 Totally Extravagant Weddings of the past ...


7 Totally Extravagant Weddings of the past ...
7 Totally Extravagant Weddings of the past ...

Extravagant weddings are really something! These days it can cost a small fortune to put together and arrange even a small wedding for you, your loved one and your families. But some people tend to go overboard and throw extravagant weddings that go on for days. Weddings can suddenly add up to a huge amount of money, but you are not planning a wedding on a budget, you can have the most excessive wedding you like. With some of the most outrageous weddings in history blowing your entire budget on the cake, here is a chance to see 7 Totally Extravagant Weddings of the Past.

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Atilla the Hun and Idico (453 CE)

Outrageous weddings are not just the latest fad. Even the ancient bad boy Attila the Hun managed to throw some incredible parties and when it came to weddings he was no exception. With no less than 12 weddings behind him, and a complete household full of 12 wives and all of their unknown numbers of children, Attila decided that number 13 was a necessity. On his very last wedding night, Attila ordered thousands of gallons of wine to be brought in, and entire herds of sheep were slaughtered for the hungry guests that came from all over the nation. The partying carried on for a number of days and nights until finally, one morning, when Attila was to take his 16 year old bride to his quarters, the 50 year old groom was found dead. It just goes to show, too much of a good thing is not really a good thing.


Margaret of York and Charles the Bold (1468)

The wedding between the duke of Burgundy and Margaret of York took place despite the desperate grumblings of Louis XI. The exuberant nuptials took place none the less and even by royal standards the wedding was considered to be a profligate event. The wedding was led by a massive parade through the streets of Bruges, a parade that to this day is re-enacted each year, and Margaret’s crown that was literally dripping in diamonds and pearls was so valuable, it can now be found on display at the treasury of Aachen Cathedral. The wedding entertainment was a tournament that attracted some of the highest profile Knights from all over Europe, who displayed their best jousting skills over the days the wedding took place.


Prince Rainier of Monaco and Grace Kelly (1956)

One of the more recent extravagant weddings, and one that went down in the history books at ‘’ The Wedding of the century’’, Prince Rainier presented his Bride with a whopping 10 carat diamond ring, and other presents including diamond earrings, a diamond necklace and a Rolls Royce, which is said to have been a gift from his loyal subjects. With no less than 2 separate wedding ceremonies, with a star-studded guest list including guests like Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardener and Cary Grant, the extravagant reception was one to remember with more than 600 high profile celebrities joining in the festivities. Sadly, Princess Grace was killed in a car accident in 1982, and a postage stamp was issued in her name as a tribute to the Princess.


Muhammad and Salama of Dubai (1981)

Arab nuptials are renowned for being excessive weddings with a massive guest list and an even bigger bill; it is hardly the case that you hear of a quiet, simple Arab wedding on a budget. As it is fitting with the Arab culture, weddings are events to be celebrated on a vast scale and fathers of the brides end up parting with large sums of money to keep up with the event. But the wedding of Muhammad and Salama of Dubai literally took the cake, with a final wedding bill of $44 million (in 1981!). The 7 day party took place at a venue especially built for the momentous occasion – a stadium. With a guest list of more than 20,000 people, you can be sure that it was a day, sorry a week, that no one will ever forget.


The Mittal Affair (2004)

As the second most expensive wedding ever recorded in history, the opulent nuptials between the daughter of steel mogul, Laxmi Mittal and investment banker Amit Bhatia, would have impressed even Louis XI. Held over six days in a French chateau, the final budget forked out for the excessive party amounted to a whopping US$90 million. Half an hour of entertainment was provided than none other than Kylie Minogue, who popped in for 30 minutes just before dropping off her $520,000 bill for the pleasure. At $300 a second, that must have been the most lucrative performance of her career.


Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLaughlin (2008)

A virtual budget wedding if you compare the previous extravagant weddings to this one, with a final wedding bill of just $15 million. A four day extravaganza and celebration of love and marriage took place at the Villa Durazzo in Portofino, Italy. With 5 different jets flying in all the 64 guests who arrived to mingle on a yacht overlooking the Italian Rivera, it was as super special affair. Despite blowing a whopping $4million on the wedding dress, the couple still kept to their humble roots, and served pizza as the main dish at their reception. (Wayne Rooney is a celebrated English soccer player).


Prince Charles and Diana Spencer (1981)

Without a doubt, the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana was the most watched program in recorded history with more than 750 million viewers from all over the world tuning in to see the big event. As over 600,000 royal fans filled the streets of London in the hope that they might just catch a glimpse of the Bride and Groom, this was certainly the Royal event of the decade.


Liza Minelli and David Gest

According to Forbes magazine, this wedding was rated the most expensive celebrity wedding, with a final bill of $3.5 million being forked out for the pricey nuptials. With a bridal party boasting Best Man Michael Jackson, and Maid of Honour Elizabeth Taylor, one could only take it further by getting guest Tony Bennett to perform a few dance hits before the hordes of guests feasted on the 12 tier wedding cake. Sadly the marriage only lasted a year, but the party was excellent.

There are really a few kinds of extravagant weddings in this life, ranging from the outrageous wedding

to the simply offensive wedding when the bridal couple start spending an entire country’s national budget on wine, women and song. If you were able to attend an excessive wedding, which one of these 7 Totally Extravagant Weddings of the Past would you like to have gone to?

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