How to Look Your Best at a Wedding without Overshadowing the Bride ...


How to Look Your Best at a Wedding without Overshadowing the Bride ...
How to Look Your Best at a Wedding without Overshadowing the Bride ...

When you’re attending a wedding, it’s typical to give a lot of thought to how you can look your best without overshadowing the bride. It’s the bride’s special day and she’s the one who should be the star. These’re ways you can allow her to do that but still sparkle in your own right. You’ll feel confident with these tips to guide you.

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Choose a Flattering Dress but Stay Away from White

dress, clothing, wedding dress, gown, bridal clothing, When you’re choosing what to wear to a wedding, there’s one important rule. You want to stay away from white and ivory. Those are the colors that belong to the bride. Other than that, choose a dress that’s flattering to your figure. Of course a pants suit is acceptable too, if that’s more your style.


Treat Yourself to a Mani & Pedi

Treat Yourself to a Mani & Pedi Attending a wedding is a perfect reason to treat yourself to a mani & pedi. You can also do them yourself at home. Having your nails done will make you feel pulled together. It’s one of those extra things that add a special touch. If this isn’t something you normally do for yourself then it’ll feel even more special.


Wear Your Favorite Lipstick

face, eyebrow, hair, black hair, black, It’s amazing how lovely your favorite lipstick can make you feel. A wedding is a perfect opportunity to wear something you love. If you don’t have a favorite lipstick then go for the one that you’ve received the most compliments on. If you’re still not sure or can’t recall any compliments then ask a friend to help you choose a shade. Nude lipsticks are very in right now, if you need another helpful hint.


Choose the Perfect Bag

clothing, photography, sleeve, photo shoot, fashion, You’ll look your best when you’re carrying the perfect bag. What’s the perfect bag? That all depends on the type of wedding you’re attending and what you’re wearing. If you’re attending a formal wedding then a little clutch would be perfect. If it’s a more casual affair then you have a lot more leeway in the bag you choose. Solids are always a good choice because they don’t compete with your dress.


Don’t Forget Accessories

hair, human hair color, face, eyebrow, nose, For many years, I underestimated the power of accessories. Then I discovered that they can absolutely make an outfit come together. They’re the icing on the cake! To look your best, wear accessories. If you’re confused about what to wear, take your dress to a shop that specializes in accessories such as Charming Charlie or Claire’s and ask an associate to help you.


Go for a Sexy Shoe

furniture, footwear, leg, organ, human body, It’s time to pull out those strappy little numbers, ladies! A wedding is the perfect occasion to wear the heels you love so much. You really can’t go too sexy in a shoe. So wear whatever your heart desires as long as it compliments your outfit. If you’re more of a flats girl then that’s perfectly fine, too; just find a pair that works well with your outfit and you’re all set.



hair, clothing, red, hairstyle, glasses, Lastly, smile. It’s truly that simple. Your smile is your best accessory. It makes you look friendly and approachable. What’s more, smiling makes you feel prettier which is motivation enough to make it a habit.

These’re 7 ways to look your best at a wedding without overshadowing a bride. What’s your go to look when you’re attending a wedding? Your comments are always welcome!

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Usually a little black dress. Depending on the time of year, you can pop it with some colored fun fancy shoes& a matching clutch. Put my hair extensions in & curl my hair. Do my make up& nails a little nicer than everyday!

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