24 Dream Weddings Every Little Girl Wants ...

By Heather

24 Dream Weddings Every Little Girl Wants ...

When I was a little girl, I dreamed and dreamed and dreamed of my wedding. I wanted to get married in a garden, with some close friends and not a lot of fuss. Nowadays, there are SO many different weddings out there, how is a girl to choose?

1 New York City Wedding

New York City Wedding

2 Rustic Beauty Wedding

Rustic Beauty Wedding

3 Country Chic Wedding

Country Chic Wedding

3 Paris Wedding for Two

Paris Wedding for Two

4 Outdoor Lighted Wedding

Outdoor Lighted Wedding

5 The Beach Wedding

The Beach Wedding

6 Low-Key Wedding

Low-Key Wedding

7 Whimsical Wedding

Whimsical Wedding

8 Romance


9 The Grand Entrance

The Grand Entrance

10 Lighted Beach for Two

Lighted Beach for Two

11 Decorated Warehouse Chic

Decorated Warehouse Chic

12 Fun, Fun, Fun

Fun, Fun, Fun

13 1920's Romantic

1920's Romantic

14 Lighted, Romantic Barn

Lighted, Romantic Barn

15 Bling, Bling and More Bling

Bling, Bling and More Bling

16 Outdoor Glory

Outdoor Glory

17 Tented Wedding

Tented Wedding

18 In the Garden

In the Garden

19 Park Wedding

Park Wedding

20 Lake Wedding

Lake Wedding

21 Family Backyard

Family Backyard

22 Library Wedding

Library Wedding

23 Museums!


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My wedding next November will bra mixture of some of these...bling, romantic, wintery, ect

What about church wedding ? I will be marrying in church

Completely agree with Desiree...my goal and dream in life was not to be a wifey, just go to school, get my education and secure a successful and empowering career...dreams do come true!!

Let's not assume that EVERY little girl's dream is getting married, hopefully nowadays little girls have many different dreams besides getting married..

@ wendy. Yeah I forgot about that:)

Who marries in a library?

Paris and barn yard country are my favorite:)

Whimsical take the cake!😍😱

Love the whimsical one

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