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When you plan your big day, you want your gown and your wedding veil to look great together. Fortunately, there are lots of options these days and you can go classic or modern. Heck, some people make their own veil if they can't find the one they want in stores. No matter what kind of veil you love, you'll see it on this list. If you haven't decided what you want, chances are you'll find it here. Cheers!

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Over the Face

Over the Face Via The Mayo Affair - Kevin ...
You don't see veils that go over the face too much these days, but it still works wonderfully if you love it.


Long and Lacy

Long and Lacy Via Alessandra & Gabriel | Say ...
A long, lacy wedding veil goes with pretty much any gown you choose.


With Appliques

With Appliques Via Beautiful Real Brides with Stunning ...
Make your veil stand out by choosing one with appliques that match the design of your dress.


Wear It in the Back

Wear It in the Back Via Dream Wedding / Veil with ...
This is how I did my veil. Incorporate it into hairstyle to keep it out of the way.


Beaded Lace Veil

Beaded Lace Veil Via Beaded lace veil in fingertip ...
The border around this veil is the perfect thing to frame your face for wedding photos.


Clipped in Your Hair

Clipped in Your Hair Via Know the Signs of a ...
I love how this veil clips in the hair, but allows the style to shine through at the same time.


Wedding Birdcage Veil with Crystal Rhinestone

Via Wedding Birdcage Veil with Crystal ...
This vintage looks is absolutely breathtaking, don't you think?


Under the Veil

Via Photo of the Day
That is a long veil! What a great photo op this would be.


With a Train

With a Train Via Show Us Your Dream Veil ...
I love how a veil that has a longer train than the dress looks as you walk down the aisle. What do you think?


Mantilla Veil

Mantilla Veil Via Mantilla Veil
It provides some coverage without totally hiding the fabulous dress underneath.


With Some Sparkle

With Some Sparkle Via Lauren Conrad's Wedding Album With ...
Every bride should have a tiara - this sparkly clip mimics the look just right.


Lacy and Sheer

Lacy and Sheer Via Stunning Rare Antique Victorian Tambour ...
What bride wouldn't want to wear this on her wedding day?


Simple Embellishments

Simple Embellishments Via 75 Wedding Hairstyles for Every ...
I like how the border on the veil is made from similar materials to what is on the dress.


Flowers on the Veil

Flowers on the Veil Via Hairstyles For Women 2015 - ...
This veil looks like it starts on top of her hairstyle, then goes through it, coming out the bottom. What do you think?


A Layered Veil

A Layered Veil Via 791This pretty two tiered fingertip ...
This is really simple, but still has tons of impact.


Classics Are Classics for a Reason

Classics Are Classics for a Reason Via 29 City Hall Weddings That ...
There is nothing wrong with going totally traditional with a look like this one.


Part of the Dress

Part of the Dress Via Hayley Paige, Fall 2013
This veil looks like it's part of the dress itself. I love it, don't you?


Super Long

Super Long Via Pronovias 2015 Bridal Collections - ...
There is no such thing as a veil that is too long.


Flowers in Her Hair

Flowers in Her Hair Via A Pastel Pink and Romantic ...
The flowers that go with your veil don't have to be white. They can be any color you choose.


Romantic Wedding Veil

Romantic Wedding Veil Via jannie baltzer’s parisian-inspired collection
This vintage style look is super retro and really feminine at the same time.


Short Veil

Short Veil Via 10 Things to Do the ...
I like how this veil gives the dress some drama, but it also short and sheer so it doesn't hide the dress itself.


Covered in Flowers

Covered in Flowers Via Wedding Gown Gallery
This flowery veil offsets the dress just right. Isn't is great?


Butterfly Wedding Veil

Butterfly Wedding Veil Via Real Wedding Album: Elshane & ...
Look at all those butterflies! Would you wear this on your wedding day?


Easy and Simple

Easy and Simple Via Fingertip Cascading FINGERTIP Ribbon Edge, ...
If you want something simple and not too over the top, you will love wearing this veil on your wedding day.

What kind of veil do you want for your wedding? Did you see one here that you just can't live without ?

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I LOVE number 2

I wore my mum's veil from her wedding nearly 30 years ago. It was a waist length veil with a few butterflies stitched on. Went perfectly with the lace dress my mum made for me!!

I had a very, very long veil that was my train also. I have a secret desire that my granddaughter will want to use it, in some form.


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