18 Stunning Wedding Gowns That Will Take Your Breath Away ...

By Eliza

If you're planning your big day, chances are your thoughts are filled with images of wedding gowns. Choosing your dress is probably the most exciting part about getting married. Am I right? You know, other than getting to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. Check out these wedding gowns and take your favorite bits about each one as you create the dress of your dreams.Remember to take tons of photos so you can show off your dress of for years to come.

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1 Lace on Top

Lace on Top Via AmeliaSposa 2014 Wedding Dresses | ...
This is one of the most beautiful wedding gowns I've ever seen. It'll cover you up, but leave some skin showing too. I love the silver buttons all down the back.

2 Form Fitting with Ruffles

Form Fitting with Ruffles Via espow.com
This gown is form fitting on top so it hugs all your curves, but flows down to ruffles below. It's unique and beautiful, just like you.

Updated on 6/10/2023

This stunning gown is perfect for a modern bride who wants to show off her curves. The top is form-fitting and hugs the body, while the bottom is adorned with beautiful ruffles that create a romantic and elegant look. The gown is made from high-quality materials, ensuring it will last through your special day. The fabric is lightweight and comfortable, making it easy to wear for hours on end. The ruffles add a touch of glamour to the look, while the form-fitting top ensures you look your best. This gown is truly unique and will be sure to make you stand out on your special day. Whether you’re getting married in a traditional church or a modern venue, this gown will make you look and feel beautiful. The design is timeless and will be sure to make you look stunning in your wedding photos. With its stunning silhouette and intricate details, this gown is sure to make you look and feel like a princess on your special day.

3 Topped with Silver

Topped with Silver Via Zuhair Murad Wedding Dresses Spring ...
If you're looking for something a little different, the addition of silver to this gown is something to consider. Check out that silver thread!

4 Shorter Train

Shorter Train Via David Tutera 113231
The shorter train on this dress is modern and classy without getting too edgy. It lets you have one without having one that' 20 feet long.

5 Vintage

Vintage Via Another wonderful lace wedding gown
The fabric and design of this dress is something you might see in the past, but it still looks sleek and new.

6 Cap Sleeves

Cap Sleeves Via Cap Sleeved V neck Mermaid ...
If you're not down with the strapless gowns, these tiny lace cap sleeves are the perfect answer. They perfectly match the train too.

7 Princess Fairy Tale

Princess Fairy Tale Via Wedding Gown | Fashion Tribe
The stunning tulle skirt on this dress combined with the sparkly belt make it something fit for a princess.

8 Back Details

Back Details Via Cap Sleeve Lace Wedding Gown ...
A low cut back lets you accessorize with something totally different like this back necklace.

9 Straps

Straps Via pinterest.com
Having some straps on your dress makes it feel less likely to slip off. I love how the top flows into the skirt.

10 Simple but Flowy

Simple but Flowy Via the serendipitist: Hayley Paige Bridal ...
This dress is perfect because it's fancy and beautiful even without all the bling you see on other gowns.

11 Full Sleeves

Full Sleeves Via julie parker photography......delight in the ...
The full sleeves on this dress give it something you don't see everywhere. It's perfect for an outdoor wedding!

12 Bow in the Back

Bow in the Back Via Lace & Coral Farmers Market ...
This simple wedding gown is taken up a notch with the addition of the long ribbon belt.

13 Low Cut and Full

Low Cut and Full Via 40 Winter Wedding Gowns You'll ...
The low cut on the top of this gown is balanced with the fullness of the skirt so it doesn't look skimpy or barely there.

14 Sleek and Sophisticated

Sleek and Sophisticated Via Ohhh Fashion!
I've never seen anything classier than this low cut, but form fitting wedding gown. It works for any wedding, casual or formal.

Updated on 5/28/2023

This sleek and sophisticated wedding gown is the perfect choice for any bride looking to make a statement. The low cut neckline is both alluring and elegant, while the form-fitting silhouette creates a stunning silhouette. The fabric is lightweight and airy, making it easy to move in and comfortable to wear all day long. The subtle beading and intricate lace detailing add a touch of glamour and sophistication to this timeless piece.

This wedding gown is perfect for any type of wedding, from a formal affair to a more casual celebration. The versatility of the gown allows it to be dressed up or down depending on the event. The color is neutral enough to pair with any type of jewelry or accessory, making it easy to create a unique and personalized look. Whether you are looking for a classic look or something more modern, this gown is sure to make an impression.

The quality of the fabric and craftsmanship of this gown are second to none. The fabric is soft and luxurious, and the beading and lace detailing are expertly done. The fit of the gown is also impeccable, with no alterations needed. The gown is designed to flatter any body type and will make the bride feel like a million bucks on her special day.

15 Cutout Back

Cutout Back Via Baby Got Back! Open Back ...
The complete cutout back on this gown is the perfect complement for the long flowing skirt.

16 Light Pink

Light Pink Via Georgia Vintage Country Wedding: Molly ...
Who says your gown has to be white? This pink wedding dress is subtle, but is definitely not white.

17 So Much Lace

So Much Lace Via Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner ...
The lace details on the top of the gown and along the hemline is sure to get everyone talking.

18 Less Extravagant

Less Extravagant Via Monique Lhuillier 'Angelina' Ivory Lace ...
If you want something that doesn't take up two seats with all the layers of fabric, this toned down dress is lovely.

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#'s 9,13 and 17 are gorgeous.

#2 is absolutely beautiful!❤️

awesome wedding gowns wish I cud wear one of them

The links to the source are not working! Looking for #2 in particular

would like to know where I can find this dress

#2. My dream gown. Perfect.

#4! oh im in lovee 😍

My mum said the other night that she would make wedding dresses if me or my sister were to get married. That makes me excited cause i've kinda designed it already hehe ;)

4 & 5 are my favorites!! But all are beautiful!


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