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Congrats on your upcoming wedding day! One of the most common traditions at a wedding is to provide guests with a program that tells everyone what will happen and when. Choosing a program can be overwhelming, but something that aligns with your theme and that speaks to you is a good bet. Some brides even find that they have better luck making their own programs. Looking for some inspiration? Here are some fabulous wedding programs to help you create the perfect option for your big day.

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A Pair of Lovebirds

A Pair of Lovebirds Source: Love Bird Wedding Programs Weddingbee


Elegant Initials

Elegant Initials Source: 150 Custom wedding programs- Layered


Something Simple and Modern

Something Simple and Modern Source: Rustic Wedding Program


Something Formal

Something Formal Source: Program


Simple with a Fancy Script

Simple with a Fancy Script Source: FREE Examples of Wedding Program


Do a Fancy Shape

Do a Fancy Shape Source: Wedding Programs for the Reception?


Tie It with a Bow

Tie It with a Bow Source: The Wedding Mile


Something to Go with Your Theme

Something to Go with Your Theme Source: The Indigo Bunting: Wedding programs


Turn It into a Fan

Turn It into a Fan Source: Invitations & Thank you Cards


Open It up like a Menu

Open It up like a Menu Source: Grapes and Vineyard Themed Wedding


Wedding Colors with Ribbon

Wedding Colors with Ribbon Source: Popular items for gold wedding


Open at the Bottom

Open at the Bottom Source: Square Shaped Wedding Programs


Beachy Flair

Beachy Flair Source: Wedding programs complete Best Destination


Make It Colorful and Fun

Make It Colorful and Fun Source: Cute Wedding Program


Dark Background

Dark Background Source: Wedding Programs: Purposes and Types


All Kinds of Information

All Kinds of Information Source: Suchitra & Victor's Boho Chic


Just One Big Program Instead of One for Everyone

Just One Big Program Instead of One for Everyone Source: wedding programs


Chalkboard Wedding Program

Chalkboard Wedding Program Source: 08.03.13; I'm getting married <3


Wedding Day Post

Wedding Day Post Source: wedding programs Just Call Me


Double Sided

Double Sided Source: What to include in your


Something Unique

Something Unique Source: Squarespace - Claim This Domain

Which one is your favorite? Will it make your wedding the most perfect day ever?

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