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Whether you're heading for a gorgeous beach wedding or you've chosen a tropical theme, you must have a fitting cake. These fabulous tropical wedding cakes will surely inspire you.

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Floral Cascade

Floral Cascade Source: 100 Ideas for Summer Weddings

So gorgeous you can almost smell the perfume right now.


Tropical Pink

Tropical Pink Source: Maui Wedding by Anna Kim

Very simple and very delicate but very beautiful.


Buttercream Bouquet

Buttercream Bouquet Source: bird of paradise: an indie

Tropical flowers and foliage work great on buttercream too.


Tropical Sunset

Tropical Sunset Source: Truly Gorgeous Wedding Cakes!

The fondant flamingoes are a cute touch to this ombré effect creation..


This gorgeous tropical sunset wedding cake is perfect for a beach or destination wedding. The ombré effect is achieved with a combination of pink, orange, and yellow fondant tiers. The fondant flamingoes add a unique and whimsical touch. The cake is topped with a fondant sun and waves, making it a truly special and memorable cake. It is sure to be a showstopper at any tropical themed wedding. Whether you choose to have a beach ceremony or a destination wedding, this cake is sure to be the perfect centerpiece.


Pink Ribbons

Pink Ribbons Source: Maui Wedding & Corporate Event

Simple but lovely.


Hibiscus Wedding Cake

Hibiscus Wedding Cake Source: Tropical Wedding Cake Ideas

Part naked - part iced - the best of both worlds/


Simply Elegant

Simply Elegant Source: Florida Spring Wedding Ideas Ruffled

Sometimes you just want understated.


Life's a Beach

Life's a Beach Source: 80 Delicious Beach Wedding Cakes

Maybe to you tropical means the sea, sand and shells.


Tiger Lilies

Tiger Lilies Source: Tropical Wedding Cake with Orange

Stand out with blue and orange.


Island Dreams

Island Dreams Source: Part Two: Colourful Fiji Wedding

Doesn't this just scream Fiji?


Yellow Beauty

Yellow Beauty Source: cakewrecks.com

An unexpected color combo, soft petal ruffles, topped with stunning hibiscus flowers equals one eye-catching cake.


Plumeria Passion

Plumeria Passion Source: Gallery Cake Style#8 - Wedding

Inspired by fragrant Hawaiian blossoms, sugar frangipani cascade in a graceful swirl of hot tropical colors.



Aloha Source: Hawaii Cake

Celebrate the Hawaiian pineapple.



Parrothead Source: Gateaux Inc

Doesn't this just say tiki bar?


Tropical Cupcakes

Tropical Cupcakes Source: Tradewind Weddings: Let them eat

Everyone can have their own bite of tropical delight.


Pineapple Wedding Cake

Pineapple Wedding Cake Source: 15 Must See Pineapple Wedding

So apt for a Hawaiian wedding.


Sunset Cake

Sunset Cake Source: Sunset wedding cake

If you want dramatic - look no further.


Feeling Hot, Hot Hot

Feeling Hot, Hot Hot Source: Tropical Wedding Cake

This tropical cake doesn't hold back on the color.


Bright and Beautiful

Bright and Beautiful Source: Just call me Martha added

This one simply sizzles with hot topical colors.


Black and White Striped Cake

Black and White Striped Cake Source: Black and white striped cake

Tropical flowers take monochrome to the next level.


Something Different

Something Different Source: Tropical Wedding Cakes

The devil's in the detail.



Whiteout Source: 25 Spectacular Wedding Cakes for

Delicate, elegant and sophisticated.


In the Black

In the Black Source: Minimalist Sand Dunes Wedding Inspiration

Would you consider a black wedding cake?


Bounty Cake

Bounty Cake Source: Tropická Bounty torta

You're left in no doubt this is a coconut cake. A delicious chocolate cake, filled with coconut custard and frosted with mascarpone frosting. this would absolutely be my choice.


Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise Source: Wedding

Nothing says tropical like birds of paradise.


Birds of Paradise are a species of bird native to tropical rainforests of New Guinea and Australia. The name comes from their bright and exotic plumage, which is often compared to the beauty of a flower. The male birds are larger and more colorful than the females, and they are well known for their elaborate courtship dances. They are considered a symbol of paradise in the Pacific Islands, and are often used in decorations for weddings and other special occasions.


Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf Source: Jeremy Chou Photography Luxury Fine

Would you opt for some banana leaf minimalism. It is gold, after all.


Put a Bird on It

Put a Bird on It Source: Authentic Colorful Cuban Wedding Inspiration


Two Trends Combine

Two Trends Combine Source: Gallery

What's hot in wedding cakes in 2016? Naked cakes and metallics. this cake hits both full on.



Waterfall Source: Welcome

Don't you just want to dive right in?


Macaron Tower

Macaron Tower Source: Tropical Wedding Inspiration

An absolute riot of color from the macarons and flowers.

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